10 Tips for Victims of Sociopathic Behavior

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10 Tips for Victims of Sociopathic Behavior
The person who was at first extremely charming - almost too good to be real - has now become intimidating, demanding and even threatening. Victims can recover from the abuse of a sociopath and go on to live very full lives. Here's how.
What Is and Isn't Narcissism:
3 Key Identifiers

The word narcissist is too casually used and, in many cases, misused.
5 Reasons Why We Shouldn't Hit Our Children
This blog post is for anyone and everyone who has any experience with hitting... or being hit.
6 Signs of Addiction Potential in Adult Children of Alcoholics
Here are some warning signs that you are an adult child of an alcoholic who is on a path to hardship and tragedy.
How to Communicate: Getting Your Partner to Hear What You Say
Effective communication requires an awareness of your feelings, words, body language, and how we communicate them to others.
Updated! - The Annual Back to School Guide
News & Views
Food Cravings May Be Hard-Wired
Emerging studies are now beginning to suggest that the brain mechanisms underlying obesity may be similar to those in substance addiction, with the tendency to have food cravings “hard-wired” into the brain of overweight patients.
Email Better Than Voicemail for Romance?
Given the digital nature of our society, perhaps it is not a surprise that a new study finds email is a better way to communicate romantic messages.
Single Dose of Cocaine Lowers Perception of Sadness and Anger
Students who took cocaine found it more difficult to recognize negative emotions on others' faces.
Patients with Psychosis ID'd by Watching
Alice in Wonderland

Looking at subjects' brain activities during a movie viewing resulted in almost 80% classification accuracy!
Second Child Can Be Easier for Couples
to Manage

Although the 2nd birth does come with an adjustment period of about four weeks, couples often adapt to the changes by four months.
Forgiveness Helps Some Reduce Depressive Symptoms
Experts explain that as people get older, they become more forgiving. But forgiveness may also help reduce some depression symptoms.
World of Psychology
10 Signs You Need a New Therapist
Therapists are each unique in their specific approaches, and you deserve one who is qualified to meet your needs. Here are a few signs that you may need a new therapist.
Is the Link Between Serotonin and Depression a Myth?
The answer may surprise you.
Fears of Starting a Family When You Suffer from Depression
How do you manage depression when SSRIs and other medications are not an option?
What to Do When Your Partner Doesn't Want to Attend Couples Counseling
You might feel helpless and powerless and believe there’s nothing you can do. But there are helpful actions you can take.
10 Years After Hurricane Katrina: Depression, Anxiety & Schizophrenia
The lesson learned from Katrina for treatment of mental health conditions is this: Don’t think it’s over after a year. It isn’t.
Tips for Thwarting Panic Attacks
When something triggers a panic attack, these mechanisms can help you break through the cycle of anxiety.
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Want to Change a Habit? 3 Things You Should Know First
(Leveraging Adversity) – Research tells us that when it comes to changing habits, people have their own unique ways of complicating things. So if you are one of the many people trying to change a habit, here are three things you should know first.
15 Ways To Make Therapy Worth Your Energy
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) - Therapy can be a big waste of time. But therapy can also be one of the best things that could ever happen to you.
Boundaries in a Stepfamily
(The Mixing Bowl) – The thing about boundaries is that they usually aren’t given much thought until after one of them is crossed.
Pass on the Soda
(Nutrition & Mental Health) – Besides the havoc it can wreak on teeth, soda also can wreak havoc on our brains.
This Video Is a Must-See for Men in Relationships
(NLP Discoveries) – If you aren’t the emotional support for your wife or partner, rest assured that someone else is.
Best Quotes for Anxious, Highly Sensitive and Creative People
(Hollywood Therapy) – The insightful words of others can help us to think about things differently.
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I Obsess Over Girlfriend's Past Relationships
My girlfriend and I have been in a rocky two-year relationship. She is amazing and my best friend. We are engaged now. We have many external stressors...
Depressed and Stuck in Indecision
Should I leave abroad to work or go back home? I’m 28, a freelancer for two years in media/photography/journalism with expertise of nearly a decade in the field. I have...
Bipolar, Unstable Father
My father lives states away from me and my siblings. My siblings and I have always thought he was semi-unstable, but recently he’s gotten much worse. We’ve called the cops...
My Parents Are Ruining My Life
I’m 14. My parents control every part of my life and sometimes use physical force. For example, not too long ago, my mom yelled at me...
Social Anxiety (SA)
I read in a book about Stress and SA that: “No one knows why there are people who develop social phobia, and some psychologists say that some young people between...
Wellbutrin Withdrawal
I have been on Wellbutrin XL 150 for two weeks. I have heard about extreme withdrawal symptoms including weight gain, so I was wondering if I stopped taking this drug...
Being Involved in an Inappropriate Relationship
I am divorced, and after almost 30 years, have been seeing my first love for a year now, who is not yet divorced. We had an 8 year relationship from...
I Can't Feel Any Kind of Feelings for Others
Ok, so I’m just going to talk about it because I feel like I need to. I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t connect with someone or something else on an...
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