10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's

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10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer's
Is Alzheimer’s or dementia on the horizon? Memory loss interrupting your daily life or having difficulty completing familiar tasks are two of the warning signs. Read the rest of the list here.
Simple Change in Diet Shown to Help Depression
Research has shown that those who eat a Mediterranean diet may be less likely to suffer from depression.
3 Small Signs You're Getting Out of a Depression
When you are slowly getting out of a depression, you do things in your daily life that shift a little.
10 Things that Are Ruining Your Immune System
Certain habits might be hampering your immune system, and you might be totally unaware of it!
Why Do We Care About Lamar Odom?
Odom became a sympathetic figure as his tragedy unfolded before the world.
News & Views
Even Legit Use of Painkillers Can Put
Teens at Risk

Researchers have discovered that high school students who legitimately use an opioid prescription are one-third more likely to abuse the drug by age 23 than those with no history of the prescription.
Risk of Relapse Drops If Depression Completely Resolves
The risk of depression recurrence is significantly lower for people with complete, rather than partial depressive symptom resolution.
Quick Test Detects Lesser-Known Form of Dementia
A new 3-minute survey is able to detect a type of dementia that is typically more difficult to diagnose than Alzheimer’s.
Ads in Parenting Magazines Model Unsafe Practices
Researchers found that nearly one in six ads contained images that contradict safety recommendations.
Depression: Far More Complex than a Checklist of Symptoms
It’s time to stop thinking of depression as a disease that causes a number of interchangeable symptoms.
How Music Regulates Emotion and Mood
The music we listen to reveals a lot about our mental health, according to new research.
World of Psychology
What to Reveal to a Spouse
Both men and women may fear that if they say what they really feel, think, or want, or acknowledge a failure, they’ll be judged negatively. So how can you encourage your partner to open up to you - or become more open yourself?
5 Ways to Handle Being Humiliated
By a Loved One

Here’s a better way to deal with stinging comments that make you feel humiliated or put down.
Why Baby Talk Is Good for Your Infant
It's not surprising - the more you talk to your baby, the better language skills they’ll develop, sooner.
Improving Communication in Relationships
There are three basic steps to being a good listener and therefore a good communicator.
6 Ways to Unplug and De-Stress
A slight shift in lifestyle will create the space our mind and body need to balance madness with peace.
Best of our Blogs
The 3 Faces of Emptiness
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – Empty is the “unfeeling” feeling. It’s the painful sense that some vital ingredient is missing from inside. Here are the 3 main causes of emptiness and what each could mean for you.
STOP: The Surprising Power of Waiting
(Mindfulness and Psychotherapy) - Most people believe that waiting is a waste of time and it’s best to fill that time with something… anything.
7 Warning Signs of Serious Alcohol Dependency
(Science of Addiction) – If you recognize yourself or someone you love in this checklist, seek help right away.
Sesame Street Just Got an Autistic Character!
(I’m Not a Robot) – Now that about 1 in 68 (!) kids has autism, it’s about time we saw a depiction aimed at kids on TV.
When Is It Time to Change Therapists?
(Relationships in Balance) – It can’t be overstated how complicated of an issue this really is.
The Common Happiness Trap
(Positive Psychology & Personality) – Here’s how to avoid this pitfall with two quick hacks.
Hate Change? Read This.
(Life with Schizophrenia) - Some people hate change. Change can be uncomfortable, it can be awkward.
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