2013: the year in sustainable development

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Issue 1, 2014: 13th January

News & comment on sustainable development

2013 in Review

In our first newsletter of 2014, we look back at key themes in sustainable development over 2013 and select some of the articles that particularly caught your attention.

We also have newly published articles on the second annual report on the Greening Government Commitments and the Government's consultation on waste carrier legislation. Looking ahead, don't forget the Sustainable Development Research Network annual conference on 28th January.

Nick Saltmarsh, Editor - sd.scene@defra.gsi.gov.uk

January, February, March »

In its final report the Ecosystem Markets Task Force looked to a new economy that integrates the value of nature.

We also considered whether sharing and volunteering are on the rise as The Sharing Economy estimated the collaborative economy's global annual value at $310 billion and the Cabinet Office Community Life Survey found high levels of volunteering, belonging and community spirit.

Realising nature’s value: Ecosystem Markets Task Force final report »

The independent task force argues for a new approach to business, integrating the value of nature into business thinking to maximise opportunities and manage future risks.

Community Life Survey finds resurgence in volunteering »

The Community Life Survey provides statistics on issues key to encouraging social action and empowering communities, including volunteering, engagement and well-being.

The Sharing Economy »

The Sharing Economy: An overview with special focus on Peer-to-Peer lending investigates the future of the emerging ‘collaborative consumption’ business model.

» From the archive: Collaborative consumption: the return of renting, sharing and borrowing

April, May, June »

David Cameron, co-chair of a UN panel on post-2015 development, outlined its ambitious plan to end poverty and transform economies through sustainable development.

Defra reported on achievements since the 2011 Mainstreaming Sustainable Development vision, while the Natural Capital Committee set out how natural capital can be hard wired into economic decision making in this country.

Eradicating poverty and transforming economies through sustainable development »

The UN High Level Panel on the Post 2015 Development Agenda has presented an ambitious plan to end poverty through sustainable development.

Government Progress in Mainstreaming Sustainable Development »

Government achievements towards mainstreaming sustainable development across its estates, the goods and services it buys, and the policies it makes.

The state of natural capital »

The Natural Capital Committee, giving independent advice on incorporating natural capital into national and corporate accounting, publishes its first annual report.

» Manifesto for a Resource-Efficient Europe

Roadmap towards zero waste events by 2020 »

Zero waste events: a 2020 vision, a new roadmap initiative for the event industry from WRAP, aims to ensure that UK events are sending no waste to landfill by 2020.

July, August, September »

Defra published the first assessment of a new set of sustainable development indicators, meeting commitments to transparency and sustainable development.

One year on from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the sustainability legacy included learning for sustainable infrastructure projects.

New sustainable development indicators published »

First assessments of a new set of sustainable development indicators reveal levels of improvement and deterioration over short-term and long-term periods.

Sustainable Procurement for Construction Projects: London 2012 learning legacy »

Public sector guide draws on learning from procurement of London 2012 construction projects to assist projects of every scale to achieve savings and other benefits.

» We Made 2012

Payments for Ecosystem Services: best practice guide »

Guidance on design and implementation of Payments for Ecosystem Services schemes, drawing on case studies to demonstrate the challenges and solutions.

» From the archive: Can payment for ecosystem services help safeguard the environment?

October, November, December »

Defra's latest biodiversity indicators reported on UK progress towards meeting the international Aichi targets, as a new biodiversity management standard was launched to help developers, planners and local authorities.

Two reports examined the value of green infrastructure, examining whether it acts as a catalyst for economic growth and assessing the tools available to value it.

New biodiversity indicators »

Reporting UK progress towards meeting the Aichi targets, international biodiversity goals and targets agreed by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in 2010.

» New biodiversity management standard

Green infrastructure as a catalyst for economic growth »

Assessing the extent to which green infrastructure acts as a catalyst for economic growth through consideration of logic chains and case studies.

» Assessing green infrastructure valuation tools

Latest news »

Greening Government Commitments – second annual report

Report shows government delivering more efficient estates and operations by reducing emissions, waste and water use, and procuring more sustainably.

Consultation on waste carrier legislation »

The Government is seeking views on proposals for greater flexibility on documents that can be used as an alternative to a Waste Transfer Note.

SDRN Annual Conference: sustainability commitments for 2020 »

28 January 2014, BIS Conference Centre, London. This year’s SDRN Annual Conference will consider the UK’s sustainability commitments for 2020.

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Government Progress in Mainstreaming Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Procurement for Construction Projects: London 2012 learning legacy by Maya De Souza, Head of Sustainable Public Procurement, Defra

New sustainable development indicators published

Most read articles from the archive

The benefits of environmental management systems for small and medium enterprises by Sackey Bennin, Sustainable Business and Environmental Reporting, Defra

A legacy of change: the London 2012 post-Games sustainability report

Achieving sustainable development through planning

The Natural Choice: securing the value of nature

Mainstreaming Sustainable Development: one year in by Jonathan Tillson, Head of Sustainable Development, Defra

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