3 Ways Companion Animals Improve Your Health

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3 Ways Companion Animals Improve
Your Health

There is a reason dogs are considered to be “man’s best friend.” Companion animals are used in animal assisted therapies and in less formal settings for feel-good interactions. Pets have a tremendous healing value.
Creating Weekdays You Actually Enjoy
When Monday arrives, we start the countdown to the weekend. But life isn't lived on the weekends!
Josh Duggar Admits to Porn Addiction, Cheating
Josh Duggar was revealed to be on the list of people who have paid for a service that helps married men and women find an adulterous partner.
Shocking Health Benefits of Your Candy Crush Addiction
Visually engaging games like Candy Crush may work to tame your negative cravings.
Body Dysmorphia Is Not a Fashion Statement
Miley Cyrus is the latest self-diagnosing celebrity to throw out the term “body dysmorphia” without any true diagnostic criteria.
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News & Views
Teen Sexual Double Standards Impacts Circle of Friends
New research discovers early adolescent girls lose friends for having sex and gain friends for “making out,” while their male peers lose friends for “making out” and gain friends for having sex.
Failure Can Lead to Rewarding Experience
New evidence suggests the valuable role of failure.
Psychopaths Less Likely to "Catch" a Yawn
If it’s true that “catching” a yawn is related to empathy, one researcher bet that psychopaths yawn a lot less.
Working Long Hours Linked to Greater Risk of Stroke
Time to re-think your work habits, if you’re putting in more than 55 hours per week.
Male-Dominated Work Settings May Be Hazardous to Women's Health
A common workplace composition may place significant stress on a woman and potentially damage her long-term health.
For Some, Crying Can Improve Mood
New research examines why criers feel as if they are in a much better mood after they have shed some tears.
World of Psychology
Improve Your Relationship with 6 Language Tweaks
Small variants in our language can make a BIG difference when communicating with your partner. Try changing a few bad language habits so you can stick to the point and resolve the original disagreement.
Mindfulness Isn’t a Depression Cure-All
Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is just as effective as antidepressants for preventing a relapse of depression. But it's not a cure-all.
'The One Word I Used to End My Abusive Relationship'
After 5 years in an abusive marriage, Elle mustered the courage to say the one word that flung open her cage and changed the course of her life.
What We Can Learn from Reading People's Final Journal Entries
Although the person writing it doesn’t infuse the words with special meaning, they seem to take on power from being the last.
The Problem with Google's Health Knowledge Graphs
Google's Knowledge Graphs are powerful tools that catch people’s attention, which is why they need to be absolutely correct.
3 Negative Thoughts Holding You Back from Negotiation Success
If you find it hard to approach investors, raise your rates, or talk about money and contracts in any way - you’re not alone.
Hookup Culture: Dating Apps Don't Change Who You Are
The one-night-stand isn't a Millennial invention, but is it a Millennial problem?
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Flashbacks and Triggers
(Strength Over Adversity) – Reclaiming your life after abuse or trauma is a long and difficult journey.  Every survivor’s story is unique and different, and we are all triggered and have flashbacks at the most unexpected times.
Personal Space: What Our Distance Communicates
(Anger Management) – The physical distance you keep from others can have a big influence on your connections with people.
The Cinderella Persecution Syndrome
(Psychoanalysis Now) – When viewed from the perspective of psychoanalysis, the story of Cinderella illustrates a theme of damaging narcissism.
Old vs New SAT: What You  Need to Know
(Always Learning) – The College Board is calling it the Redesigned SAT, and it’s coming out soon!
Consider This Before and After Checking the Hacked Ashley Madison List
(The Exhausted Women) – The release of names and emails hacked from the website stirs up questions of fidelity even in the best of relationships.
10 Was To Cope With The Explosive & Labile Personality
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) - Do you know someone who tends to take every little thing you say personally and holds a long-term grudge against you?
10 Quotes for Mindful Living
(Mindfulness and Psychotherapy) - Explore these thought-provoking quotes.
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My Lying Has Turned My Family Against Me
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Overweight Former Anorexic Who Needs to Lose Weight But Afraid of Relapsing
I have a history of anorexia and bulimia, and I’m recovered from both. Right now I weigh 200 pounds, and it’s starting to affect my abilities in life. I would...
Confused About Whether I'm Really Happy
I don’t know who I am or whether I’m still depressed. I have been depressed before. In fact, I had the worst episode of it about a year ago. I...
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