5 Hidden Insults (and How to Foil Them)

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5 Hidden Insults (and How to Foil Them)
People usually don’t insult you directly. Instead, they use indirect methods of insult. These 5 indirect insults allow people to act out their aggression without taking responsibility for it.
Tracking Your Mood? There's an App
for That!

There are many apps available to keep track of your mood using your phone, and we’ve got 5 of them reviewed here!
5 Herbs that May Improve Your Immune System Naturally
Some people are blessed with a strong immune system, but for others, it may take a little extra help.
3 Ways to Learn to Think More Optimistically
Optimism is a way of using your thinking to shift not just the way you feel, but how you respond to what life hands you.
'I Won't Feel Like Myself': A Valid Concern About Medications
Even though they won’t feel depressed or manic, some worry they won’t be able to feel anything at all.
News & Views
3 Distinct Subtypes of Alzheimer's
Alzheimer’s disease, long thought to be a single disease, seems instead to consist of three distinct subtypes. And one of them appears to be a fundamentally different condition than the other two.
Gene Intensifies Mental Impact of Life Events, for Better or Worse
People with a particular type of gene are more deeply affected by their life experiences, whether good or bad.
Unemployed Youth at Risk for Mental Health Problems
The current generation of young people face the worst job prospects in decades, which researchers say impacts mental health.
Cavities More Common in Kids of Moms with Chronic Stress
Policy that aims to improve dental health should include interventions to improve the quality of life of mothers.
People Are More Conservative When Decisions Influence Many
Researchers have discovered risk-taking is subdued when someone makes decisions for others.
Feeling Powerless Linked to Violence in Young Black Men
A new study highlights the need to include young black men in policy development in a very real way.
World of Psychology
What's the Most Valuable Personality Trait?
Wow, this one personality trait is like a super power: it just makes every situation better. Every employer looks for it, and (according to Yale) it's most strongly correlated to academic success. So… do you have it?
How Criticism Can Save Your Marriage
You may feel safer by biting your tongue, but sometimes speaking up with kindness and respect is the best thing to do.
Can You Treat Depression with an App?
With the proliferation of health tracking apps, it’s no surprise to see dozens being offered to help treat people with depressive symptoms.
3 Ways to Say No & Be More Assertive in Business
Ready to learn how to protect your time and energy? Here are three typical business scenarios with tips on how you can respond.
How to Recover from an Abusive Relationship
Time and attention heals wounds. An ignored wound may just get worse and grow larger if it isn’t taken care of.
Complaining Can Be a Way to Show
We Care

It is often said that no one likes a complainer, but effective complaining can actually be useful and healthy.
Best of our Blogs
Can't Stop Eating? Ditch the High-Fat Diet
(Nutrition & Mental Health) – Our bodies try to control how much food we eat by balancing our need for food-for-survival with our desire for food-for-pleasure. But when we eat a high-fat diet, defective signaling in our brains causes pleasure to take over.
5 Things to Avoid Saying to an
Anxious Child

(Stress Better) – If you have an anxious child, check out 5 things to avoid saying to them – and 5 helpful alternatives.
The Terrible Truth About Being "On Call"
(Positive Psychology & Personality) – Even the knowledge that you may be called upon can have deleterious effects on your brain and body.
5 Ways To Protect Yourself From the Narcissist in Your Life
(Caregivers, Family & Friends) - Got a narcissist in your life? These tips may help.
Feeling Stuck? Maybe You Need to Grieve
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – If you have a tendency to avoid your feelings, your avoidance of grieving may be leaving you stuck in place.
3 Things You Can Lose at the Gym (That Aren't Bodyweight!)
(Your Body, Your Mind) – People assume we’re at the gym to lose weight. There ARE things to lose at the gym, but they go way beyond pounds.
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I Think I Have Depression
I’m quite sure, if not positive, I’m suffering from depression. I’ve tried talking to my parental guardian, but they don’t believe it’s true. I think that they only WANT to...
He Ended Our Relationship and I'm Struggling to Cope
My boyfriend ended our relationship of quite a few months a week ago. He made me call him, he was sobbing and...
Not Able to Open My Eyes When Sleeping
I took a nap a little bit ago for about an hour but something really strange happened. It started out with the dream I ended up having felt so real...
Hallucinations Are Haunting Me
I have been diagnosed with Asperger’s and Major Depression, however I am not sure these diagnoses are correct as hypnogogic hallucinations continue and frankly, even after two different types of...
My Granddaughter Told Me She Is Cutting
My 13-year-old granddaughter has called me today to tell me that she is very unhappy at home and that she has been cutting herself. I...
Fiancé Treats Me Poorly Around His Family
My fiancé changes when we are around his family. He isn’t very nice to me, and he talks to me like I am “stupid.” He just does not give me...
Avoiding My Psychiatrist Because I'm Not Ready for Medication
I’m in college, and last year I saw the school counselor, who believed I had dissociative disorders, depression, and anxiety. She wasn’t exactly sure because she only specializes in depression...
Music in My Head
I’m 55, and I often wake at night because my thoughts or dreams are so vibrant. I hear songs in my head, like when you get a...
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