5 Signs of a Toxic Relationship

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5 Signs of a Toxic Relationship
Often, what we think is love is actually lust, and there may be potential signs of a toxic relationship in the future. Here are four signs of a possible toxic relationship.
10 Things that Make Anxiety Worse
What follows is a basic rundown of 10 anxiety worsening behaviors that you really can’t ignore.
How to NOT Emotionally Neglect Your Child
No one is exposed to our flaws, blind spots, or unresolved issues as much as the children who depend on us.
Optimist vs Realist vs Pessimist
The lines separating behavior that is “optimistic,” “realistic” and “pessimistic” are blurrier than you might think.
Jealousy Doesn't Have to Cause Problems in Relationships
There is nothing wrong with jealousy, and it doesn’t have to cause a problem, if you handle it like a feeling.
News & Views
Some More Vulnerable to Nicotine Addiction
Nicotine is an unusual drug, from an addiction point of view. Certain people are far more vulnerable to nicotine addiction than others, and this is most likely due to genetic and metabolic differences, according to scientists.
Routine Brain Scan Recommended for People Over 70
New recommendations are an important step toward enhancing brain health for aging populations around the world.
Can Eating Fish Reduce Depression Risk?
Fish may reduce the risk of depression among the residents of some countries, but not others.
Abnormal Sleep Linked to Greater Risk of Heart Disease
Less than five or more than nine hours of quality sleep may put a person at greater risk for disease.
Pressure for Social Media 24/7 Linked to Teen Mental Health Issues
The pressure to be constantly available on social media can cause depression, anxiety, and reduce sleep quality for teens.
World of Psychology
Brainwashing in Abusive Relationships
Being in an abusive relationship often feels like torture. Sometimes that’s because your partner’s behavior feels like the torture techniques used by mortal enemies instead.
Talking with Children About Infidelity
While spouses are greatly affected by affairs, psychologists argue that children may take the brunt of the blow.
Do You Feel Emotions Deeply?
Being a “Deep Feeler” is both a strength and a challenge - filled with empathy, but easily overwhelmed.
6 Surprising Myths About Inpatient Residential Rehab
Here we run down some of the myths we gleaned about residential rehab, like those for substance abuse.
5 Tips for Maintaining Your Identity in a Relationship
Don’t be a better half. Be a whole person.
Best of our Blogs
How to Know If a Teen Is in Trouble
(The Exhausted Woman) – From a developmental point of view, teenagers should act differently from their child-like self. But sometimes, the behavior may be more negative than positive. So what does dangerous teen behavior look like?
Dwelling on the Past: How Emotions
Shape Memories

(Anger Management) – Ever wonder why some memories can stay vivid for years while others fade with time? The answer is emotion.
4 Common Remarriage Issues
(The Mixing Bowl) – Creating a solid marriage is an absolute necessity when dealing with the challenges of a remarriage and blended family.
'I'm Sorry - But I Don't Know Why'
(Strength Over Adversity) – Do you know where your constant need to apologize stems from?
Suzy Hamilton's Bipolar Disorder Is Not Responsible for Her Career As a Prostitute
(Bipolar Trek) – The Olympian justified her decision to become a prostitute based upon her manic episodes that led her to have a wild sex life.
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