8 Completely Wrong Assumptions About Addiction

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8 Completely Wrong Assumptions About Addiction
Honest, courageous and insightful are not the first words you think of when you think of a typical drug addict. But, given the opportunity, many addicts end up contributing to society in a way no one ever imagined possible.
The 4 Myths that Ruin Romantic Relationships
When you debunk these four myths you create new possibilities to make loving your partner easy.
3 Ways to Prevent Conflict Around the Thanksgiving Table
Before you roll your eyes or think about fighting back, take a moment and look inside.
5 Ways Emotions Defy Nature's Laws
Feelings can’t be true or false, right or wrong, smart or stupid. They just are what they are, period.
3 Reasons Why "Fake It Till You Make It" Is Great Advice
Here's why it's beneficial to create a habit of functioning as though the world is still turning.
News & Views
Anti-Fat Prejudice Can Begin at Very
Young Age

New research suggests that anti-fat attitudes may have an even earlier onset than previously thought, with toddlers as young as two years old able to pick up on their mothers' prejudices.
Should You 'Friend' Your Doctor on Social Media?
Establishing a social media relationship with a medical professional raises a bevy of issues that should be considered by patients and providers.
Are Young Women's Tattoos Empowering Or a Cry for Help?
Studies of college-age women with tattoos paint a complex picture of mental health and illness, self-esteem and suicide.
How to Survive the Holidays with an Addict
Addicts plus holidays usually equal disaster.
ADHD Meds Can Cause Sleep Problems
in Kids

The decades-long controversy of whether stimulant medications for childhood ADHD impact a child’s sleep may be finally over.
Tone of Voice More Important than Words During Spousal Arguments
A study confirms that what you say is not the only thing that matters; it’s very important how you say it.
World of Psychology
The Top 5 Warning Signs of Verbal Abuse
Verbal abuse sneaks into countless relationships and is as damaging as physical abuse. Wondering if what you’re experiencing is indeed abuse? Here are some signs to watch out for.
Setting Boundaries Around the Holidays
The holidays are a good time to set boundaries.
The Truth About the "Overdiagnosis"

People have gotten the idea that a diagnosis for ADHD is pretty easily obtained. But what if the common wisdom is wrong?
How to Make Your Relationship Run Smoothly
The following suggestions will lay the groundwork for effectively maneuvering through challenging times.
How Making Lists Could Change Your Entire Holiday Season
Simply jotting down tasks on paper and getting them out of your mind reduces stress.
Talk Therapy: It's Not Just Talk
Talk therapy gets a bad rap... but what if it were called something different?
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7 Ways to Practice Gratitude When You're Feeling Depressed
(Happily Imperfect) – Are you feeling down and not particularly grateful this Thanksgiving? When you’re depressed, you tend to focus on the negatives. Gratitude won’t cure chronic depression or a broken heart, but it may help ease your pain just a bit.
How to Get Your Kid to Eat Broccoli
(Nutrition & Mental Health) – If you want someone to eat an apple rather than a cookie, it’s better to give them a “do” message rather than a “don’t” message.
5 Hidden Relationship Killers
(Psychoanalysis Now) - We all know about the obvious things that cause relationships to go downhill, such as cheating, lying or domestic violence.
When Anxiety Becomes Self-Injury
(Practical Psychoanalysis) – Self-injury like hair-pulling is an unhealthy way to handle a stressful or overwhelming situation.
3 Ways to Manage Worry This Thanksgiving
(Science of Addiction) – Millions of us have to deal with worry during the holidays, but here are 3 easy things to do to help you manage that worry.
Music Is an ADHD Boredom Killer
(ADHD Millennial) – If you want an ADHD treatment that will reliably deliver intense feelings of peace, turn on some music!
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I'm Breaking Down
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