90% off -Top 5 Reasons to Trust IDrive {Today Only}

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Ransomware, accidental deletions, theft, natural disasters are among the many threats looming over your precious data. You need a backup service that is feature-rich to help combat these threats. IDrive Online Backup keeps your data safe, and is an affordable option to recover from data loss. Whether you are an individual or business, there are plenty of reasons to choose IDrive:

1. PCWorld Editors' Choice Award
According to PCWorld, IDrive truly has the most comprehensive set of backup and backup-related features of any online service such as continuous data protection, local backup, snapshots for point in time recovery, and multiple device backup to same account.

2. Backup unlimited PCs, Macs, mobiles to a single account at one low cost!
IDrive does not limit the number of devices you can backup or restrict you from performing backups of external or network drives. Backup computers and mobile devices at your home or all computers and servers in your organization into one account, for one low price. Unlike most competing services, there is no
separate license fee for each computer you backup.

3. Free express uploads
Transferring bulk data from your business' network to the cloud can take weeks. Avoid slow uploads with IDrive Express by securely transferring your data to the cloud via temporary storage devices sent by IDrive.

4. Recover from Ransomware with Snapshots
Imagine yourself being locked out of your own data without any guarantee of recovering it, even after paying the ransom. IDrive Snapshots can help you if your files fall prey to encryption based ransomware. All you have to do is select a timeline before infection and restore it, giving you access to your files from right where you left

5. Get 90% off!
Subscribe to IDrive today and get 90% off your first year for 5 TB of backup space. That's 5 TB of backup space at only $6.95 for year one. Join IDrive to give yourself peace of mind that your critical data is protected - all without breaking the bank!

Don't wait till disaster strikes. Get a head start on your disaster recovery strategy with IDrive!

IDrive Inc.


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