A Cultural Shift

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A Cultural Shift
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A Cultural Shift
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Stepping Stones
October, 2015
Issue #141
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A Cultural Shift  
As we began our psychotherapy practices over 30 years ago, we saw few cases of grown kids returning to the empty nest. A common goal for a mom in counseling was adapting to this transition by focusing on her own aspirations.
But in 2008 we started to notice a trend. Many clients were suffering financial setbacks from the Great Recession. And that's when more college graduates were boomeranging home rather than taking the next step toward independence.
There were complex cultural, social and economic causes for this change. Career track jobs were
scarce, and Millennials were delaying marriage as well as mortgages - the life passages that signify increased responsibility and open the door to adulthood. 
Women were often overwhelmed by the boomerang phenomenon. Their stress had a ripple effect that impacted the family equilibrium and demanded changes all around. The complications that emerged in our work dared us to write about it. 
Each story in our book Whose Couch Is It Anyway? represents a composite of mothers who have struggled with similar challenges and emotional reactions. Although the characters we've created are hybrids, they express the voices of women who have weathered many different life-defining disruptions. We've changed the names, identifying information, and events just as we've adapted the conversations and interactions between us.
Every chapter features the narrative of a family challenged by a revolving door at home and begins with a scenario that prompts the mother to seek coaching. The four sessions in each one present a thumbnail sketch, highlighting significant moments.
In sharing these family stories, we've tried to bring brave and compelling women to life. And as we guide each one toward actualizing her potential, we hope her journey will offer reassurance and open new possibilities for you.
(c) Her Mentor Center, 2015
 Virtual Book Tour       
Join us for a Virtual Book Tour on Wednesday, October 21 at HerMentorCenter.com to meet the authors of an actionable guide to parenting in the digital age. If you've been around teens lately, you've likely seen how connected they are to their electronic devices yet often not as connected to their families. Authors Susan Shaffer and Linda Perlman address this issue head-on in their new book, How To Connect With Your iTeen: A Parenting Roadmap.
As parenting experts, Susan and Linda have consulted with families about the complex issues facing them and their teens in these challenging times. They've been interviewed extensively by print and electronic media, sharing their techniques and guidance.
As part of their book tour, Susan and Linda have agreed to visit our blog and answer questions from our readers as well as us. We encourage you to participate by using the "Leave a Reply" box just below the post. You can pick their brains with your own questions about how to parent - or grandparent - a teen in the digital era.    
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