A JS-powered Terminal Emulator, V8 5.3, Deep Dive into ES6 Destructuring

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This week's JavaScript news — Read this e-mail on the WebJavaScript Weekly
Issue 293 — July 21, 2016
HyperTerm: An Open Source, JS-Based Terminal Emulator“The goal of the project is to create a beautiful and extensible experience for command-line interface users, built on open web standards.”
Guillermo Rauch

Howler.js: A Modern Web Audio LibraryAn audio library that uses the Web Audio API but can fall back to HTML5 audio. Supports 3D audio, auto-caches, and has no dependencies.
James Simpson

V8 (JavaScript Engine) 5.3 AnnouncedIn beta until Chrome 53 stable arrives, version 5.3 boasts improved page startup times and Promise performance (+20-40% on one benchmark), plus a new interpreter called Ignition.
Seth Thompson

Harness the power of AngularJS in your graphsZingChart-AngularJS is a directive to create AngularJS graphs. Easy to set up. Style as you like. Access all the features. Try it today.
Build a Music Streaming App with Electron, React and ES6A complete tutorial bringing together modern Web technologies to create a simple desktop/GUI music player.
Wern Ancheta

How To Use Arguments and Parameters in ES6Faraz Kelhini’s detailed tutorial explores arguments and parameters and sees how ES6/ES2015 has upgraded their potential.
Smashing Magazine

A Deep Dive Into ES6 Destructuring“destructuring takes data from an existing object or array and literally destructs it to extract only the values you’re interested in.”
Mike Evans


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In brief

The Service Worker Lifecycle tutorial
A look at the six states a Service Worker can be in.
Ire Aderinokun

How to Set Up Automated, Cross-Browser JavaScript Unit Testing tutorial
Philip Walton

JavaScript Promises 101 tutorial
A brief primer with diagrams. Good for beginners.
Ire Aderinokun

Learn Angular 2 - Online Training Program course
Rangle is offering a free Angular 2 online training program for developers on August 16-17. Register now to join this interactive learning experience.
Rangle.io  Sponsor

Creating Email Templates with React Components tutorial
Cody Reichert

Writing a Component Based App with Angular 1.5 tutorial
Building a simple app using the new .component method from Angular 1.5.
Dima Grossman

3 Simple Steps to Improve Your React Redux Code tutorial
Cheesecake Labs

Using ES6 Generators and Yield to Implement Asynchronous Workflows tutorial
Ben Nadel

How to Deal with Different Form Controls in Angular 2 tutorial
Jecelyn Yeen

How to Handle State in React: The Missing FAQ tutorial
Osmel Mora

Building Single Page Apps with Angular and the WordPress REST API tutorial
Almir Bijedic

Why Object Literals in JavaScript Are Cool opinion
This goes into more depth than you’d think.
Dmitri Pavlutin

Consider Vue.js for Your Next Web Project opinion
Roman Kuba

Turn your web app into a native app with new visual app builder tools
Designed for web devs to build truly native iOS & Android apps without native coding. Easily connect apps to any REST API. Join free today.
Dropsource  Sponsor

Jets.js: A CSS-Powered On-Page Search Library code
Dynamically uses CSS selectors to show/hide certain items.
Denis Lukov

Just: A Library of Dependency-Free Utilities That Do Just Do One Thing code
Things like object comparison, filtering, mapping, reduction, intersection..
Angus Croll

Allora: Promisify Anything Using ES6 Proxies code
Under 50 lines of code too.
Gianluca Guarini

Uppy: An In-Progress Next-Gen File Uploader for Web Browsers code

nx-observe: Powerful Data Observation/Binding Without Special Syntax code

Dio.js: A Lightweight Virtual DOM Framework in 6KB code
Sultan Tarimo

Chevrotain: A Parsing DSL for Fault-Tolerant Recursive Descent Parsers code

Aquarelle: A 'Watercolor Effect' for The Web code
A striking visual effect. See this demo.

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