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The Dubai News (Issue #16)
  Dubai City Information SiteTourist Attractions in Dubai

Hi, Sunil here to
talk about the top tourist attractions in

You can choose from just about anything when it comes to
Dubai tourist
attractions. Whether you want to relax on the beach or shop within the
Dubai marina, you can
have the best of the old and new within one small area.
It is by far the most
opulent of the tourist destinations in the world, but surprisingly it offers
many inexpensive things to do as well as those that will cost some serious

One of the top tourist
attractions are the beaches in Dubai.
They have absolutely stunning beaches with pure white sand and deep blue
waters. You can lounge around and take in some of the rays while your family
enjoys the immense water activities that are around.

Surprisingly the second most popular tourist
attraction is not really an attraction at all. It is of course the shopping in Dubai. Here is where you may
feel the need to fork over some big money.
With duty free shopping you can get
more for your money and they have some of the most luxurious malls such as the Mall
of the Emirates and the Deira City Centre. Keep in mind that you can
barter though in order to save some of that vacation money.

Architecture is big in
Dubai and
when it comes to tourist attractions in
you can't miss out on visiting the Jumeirah Mosque, the
and the Burj Nahar located in the Deira gardens.

Considered the top historic attractions, they can be found on any
tour of the city or you can do a driving tour yourself. This is where you will
also find most of the crowds as they are very popular to visit. Try to go early
in the morning or on off peak times to have a little more privacy while you are

Don't forget the dune bashing in Dubai that is becoming more and more
popular. This is where you take a special 4WD vehicle and literally ride the
dunes until you feel sick - in a good way of course! It's exhilarating to say
the least.

After a day in the desert you might want to get
your feet wet at 
WadiWaterPark in the
heart of
It can be expensive so you may want to make it an all day event but when you go
you will find that they have some of the wildest thrill rides in the entire
world. The kids will absolutely love it, as will the adults.

If water isn't enough to cool you off, then head over to Ski Dubai. Located in the Mall of the
Emirates, it is an indoor slop with manmade snow for both skiing and
snowboarding. This is one of the most expensive attractions in
Dubai and can be hard on your pocketbook (but
it's really very affordable) so make sure you really want to go before you head
in there.

If you are looking for inexpensive tourist attractions in
Dubai they can easily be
found in the city center where you can tour historic buildings for low or no
cost, or you can head to some of the beautiful gardens and parks that only cost
30 Dhs. to get in per car.

As you can see, there is a host of tourist attractions in
Dubai to keep you
occupied. Whether you choose something highly popular or something that is a
little out of the way, you will certainly have a great time exploring all ofthe tourist attractions in

To ensure you have as good
a time as possible and that you do not miss anything worthwhile I strongly
recommend you get the newest edition of the All
Things Dubai
guide.  This is the
best guide on
I have seen and reviewed.

= = = = = =

In the next newsletter we will
discuss Life in Dubai in general.  We have
been receiving many requests to talk about the day to day life, living in
Dubai as an Expat, as a
single man or woman.  So we will try to
bring you some of that flavor.
Don't forget to tell us what you are interested
in so we can bring you ONLY the latest and greatest information that you are
MOST interested in.

care and see you soon...




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