Academe Today: How the Right Learned to Loathe Higher Education

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How the Right Learned to Loathe Higher Education

By Kim Phillips-Fein

Conservative dislike of the academy isn’t new. But it is alarming. PREMIUM

From the Archives

The Academic Home of Trumpism

By Jon Baskin

This little circle of SoCal Straussians became the intellectual hub of Trumpism.

Admissions & Student Aid

Lawyers on Race-Conscious Admissions: ‘This is Doable. But Also, Do it Right.’

By Nell Gluckman

Admissions officials were encouraged by panelists at a conference to stay the course, and continue to work to ensure that underrepresented minority students have access to higher education.




How One Professor Learned to Stop Worrying and Drop the Deadline


A musicologist started telling his students that they could turn in homework late and redo it as many times as needed for a better grade. He thinks the shift has helped their understanding.

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Hiring and Promotion Hazards in Academe

By Peter Monaghan

Even the most virtuous faculty members and administrators involved in employment decisions may have biases that could lead to lawsuits. PREMIUM

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Admin 101: Time to Overcome Your Evaluation Avoidance

By David D. Perlmutter

It’s one of the most challenging, miserable, and politically dangerous aspects of any job in academic administration.



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A City as a Lab


Creating the sustainable city of the future by studying the local ecosystem.

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