Academe Today: MIT Offers Harsh Words for Saudi Arabia, but Stops Short of Cutting Ties

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MIT Offers Harsh Words for Saudi Arabia, but Stops Short of Cutting Financial Ties

By Steven Johnson

Despite pushback from faculty, staff, and students, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will keep its agreements with the kingdom.



The Chronicle Interview

A Professor Makes the Case That Title IX Has Gone Too Far

By Sarah Brown

The Boston College professor argues that civil-rights officials have used the gender-equity law to propagate a particular view of sexual harassment and gender identity. PREMIUM


Should You Allow Laptops in Class? Here’s What the Latest Study Adds to That Debate

By Beckie Supiano

A new paper complicates the evidence on the advantages of taking notes by hand. But there’s more to consider in crafting your electronics policy.

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International Graduate-Student Enrollments and Applications Drop for 2nd Year in a Row

By Lily Jackson

The slump shows that President Trump’s changes in visa policies may have an impact on international applications and first-time enrollments, leading to a troubling downhill trend.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust Students

By Rob Jenkins

A funny thing happens when you decide to believe that most students are trustworthy: They mostly prove you right.



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Man Versus Machine


Nurturing a body of students who are equal parts empathetic, creative, and entrepreneurial is top of mind for colleges and universities, as automation threatens to replace millions of jobs.

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