Academe Today: No Textbooks, Lectures, or Right Answers. Is That What Higher Ed Needs?

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No Textbooks, No Lectures, and No Right Answers. Is This What Higher Education Needs?

By Beth McMurtrie

James Madison University thinks its distinctive approach can help students learn to be more innovative. PREMIUM

Special Reports

Colleges Need to Prepare for the Future of Learning. Here’s How to Give All Students a Shot at Success.


Campus leaders are under pressure to modernize the educational experience, using technology and the science of learning to improve results. Our new report on the future of learning can help you innovate. Buy a copy in the Chronicle Store.


‘Now Comes the Hard Part’: 20-Day Strike at Wright State Has Ended

By Emma Pettit

It took two lengthy weekend negotiating sessions, accompanied by a federal mediator, to reach the agreement.



The Chronicle Interview

How the ‘Dilbert of Academia’ Finds Humor in Grad-School Pain

By Audrey Williams June

Jorge Cham, creator of the comic strip Piled Higher and Deeper — PHD Comics for short — reflects on his 20 years of work. PREMIUM

Admissions & Student Aid

How to Get Students to Fill Out the Fafsa? Enlist Instagram Influencers

By Terry Nguyen

In the #ButFirstFAFSA campaign, the U.S. Education Department looks to promote the federal student-aid form through sponsored posts.


Which Colleges Grant the Most Bachelor’s Degrees in Foreign Languages?

The Chronicle List

Brigham Young University was the only private nonprofit institution among the top 10 universities for awarding bachelor’s degrees in foreign languages in 2016-17. PREMIUM

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In Defense of Standardized Testing in Admissions

By Ethan S. Ake-Little

Going test optional hurts disadvantaged students. PREMIUM



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Access for All

Alan W. Cramb, President, Illinois Institute of Technology

Changing students’ lives not only from an educational standpoint, but also an economic one, through high-quality, affordable education.

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