Academe Today: The Great Disappearing Teaching Load

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The Chronicle Review

The Great Disappearing Teaching Load

By John T. McGreevy

How few courses are too few? PREMIUM

From the Archives

Can Faculty Workload Be Captured in a Database?

By Audrey Williams June

Wisconsin’s latest attempt to quantify faculty productivity leaves academics feeling more misunderstood than ever. PREMIUM


As Faculty Strike Wears On, Wright State Seeks ‘Long-Term’ Adjuncts in More Than 80 Fields

By Emma Pettit

A job ad looks for help in English, history, mathematics, and many other areas. University officials say they’re just trying to keep classes running, but union leaders decry the posting as a “scare tactic.”



The Edge

Think ACT Is Just a College-Admissions Test? Think Again

By Goldie Blumenstyk

The organization has been quietly converting itself from a testing company into “a learning company,” as its chief, Marten Roorda, describes it. He sat down with The Chronicle to explain the transition.


When the President Needs a Break

By Julia Schmalz

A sabbatical may have kept President DeRionne P. Pollard of Montgomery College, in Maryland, from burning out. Here is what she learned.

Religious Colleges

To Stay Competitive, Small Christian Colleges Emphasize Specific Niches

By Terry Nguyen

In a tight market, many look to distinguish themselves through expansive online programs, study-abroad opportunities, professional development, or athletics.


Which Less-Selective Colleges Retain Students — and Which Struggle

The Chronicle List

Highly selective colleges tend to see nearly all of their freshmen return the next year. But what about colleges that accept most of their applicants? PREMIUM

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The Chronicle Review

Higher Education Has Always Been Commercial

By Mark Garrett Cooper and John Marx

Its embrace of pop culture, mass media, and marketing has sustained it. PREMIUM



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