Do, I'm going to make you a video offer you can't refuse

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Hi Do,


I’m still willing to invest in you...BUT only if you’re willing to invest in yourself.


I’m going to make you an offer in this email.

Either it’s right for you, or it’s not.


It’s a one time offer to get you to become a client here in the Lawyers Video Studio.

Either you see value in my offer or your don’t.


As you know with me, things are either black or white. There is no grey area.


I believe in video marketing so much that I want to invest in you.

This is for my 20 or 30 video marketing program, BUT only if you join me here in New York.


The normal investment for my 20 video program is a total of $10,800. For my 30 video program, your investment is normally $16,800.


My investment in you is a $1300 scholarship...for either program you choose.

That means your 20 video program investment is $9500 (total- payable over six months).

That means your 30 video program investment is $15,500 (total- payable over six months).




You have only 3 days to make a decision. After that, the scholarship offer is gone.

Remember, either you see value in this or you don’t.


I’m not going to pull teeth here and convince you to do anything. You know me. You know what I do and what I bring to the table.


To sign up, simply click the link below and choose either your 20 or 30 video program.


Your initial investment is $1800 then the remainder payable over the next 5 months. As soon as you sign up, we’ll schedule your mastermind call and get you on the schedule 3 or 4 weeks later to shoot here in NY.


I trust you’ll take the time to invest in yourself and your law firm- that’s why I’m willing to invest in you.





To your success!



Gerry Oginski 

Founder,  Lawyers Video Studio



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