Do, I'm Sorry, But Your Video Scholarship Has Gone Away...

4 jaren geleden

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Hi Do,


Ok, so you didn’t take me up on my offer. I guess I should feel offended, but I’m not.

Want to know why?


Because there are many really smart attorneys who have taken me up on my offer.


There are three reasons why you didn’t take advantage of my offer:


You didn’t see the value in what I offered,
You didn’t want to travel to New York to shoot video, or
You weren’t ready.


Since we haven’t spoken, I don’t know which reason you chose not to take advantage of my offer.


While I have your attention, I’d love to learn which one of the reasons above best fits you. If there’s another reason I haven’t listed, I’d appreciate if you could share it with me. It will help me understand what offers, if any, to make in the future.


If you are creating video and having success, that’s great.

If you are struggling to create your videos, reach out to me. Even though you didn’t take advantage of my offer, I’m still here to help.


Either way, let me know your reason and if you do that right now, I’ll give you a private critique (and how to improve your next one) on one of your videos for free.


Just include the YouTube url and I’ll tell you what’s good and what needs to be improved.


Best regards,





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