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The Dubai News (Issue #22)
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Getting to Dubai for Less

Hi, Sunil here to
talk about

As a tourist destination and a transport hub,
Dubai often plays host to most of the major
airlines in the world. I didn't used to think so. But when I first traveled to
Dubai a few years ago I realized how busy the
Dubai airport was.
trip was an eye-opener in more ways than one, from the vast number of
Dubai flights that are
available to working out the best and the worst of the lot.

I love traveling to different places but am not all that keen on
flying despite the number of flights I have been on; it is just that I have
never been able to get my mind around the fact that a machine weighing in tons
is going to take off with me on board. In addition, I just get this sick
feeling I hate.

Despite that inane fear and feeling, I have flown quite a
lot and one of the first things you come to expect on stepping into a plane is
a properly rendered speech on flight safety by one of the stewards or

There of course there are all those factors that make up the
actual in-flight experience.

I have flown Emirates, KLM and
Continental airlines to
and my experience with each has been wonderful.

I have heard some negative things about British Airways but I
can't vouch for their service myself as I have never flown them to

The deals seem pretty good though whenever I have searched for
airline tickets to

I have done a lot of research on the best
Dubai flights and have found four airlines
that are far ahead of all others; Emirates
, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airlines and Gulf Air. These are the airlines that provide
the very best in customer service, cuisine and on-air facilities.

Naturally, like me, you would want to enjoy a personalized service
without having to pay first class to do so. Going by the rave reviews that some
of these other airlines have got, the four mentioned above are the ones to
travel with in order to enjoy such service.

I plan to do most of my traveling exclusively by any one of them
and in addition to the 'near perfect' service that they provide, they have
initiated some great travel deals which should save us a bundle on future
Dubai flights.

You have a ton of other options of getting to
Dubai as it is literally a junction point for
most of the major airways. But if you want the best in flight experiences then
you should consider one of the four mentioned above. Particularly, consider Emirates.

Not only have they been repeatedly voted best airlines in the
world, but I have personally experienced their flights multiple times. Their
customer service and facilities are truly far more superior to any other
airlines. Sitting in their first class or business class cabin is no less than
experiencing heaven (figuratively).


Where Are You Traveling From? (All figures as of 2008)

If you are currently in
Los Angeles,
then the best flight option to
for you would have to be either Alitalia or United
Airlines, with one stop included and a price tag roughly between

But if you are residing in the
Kingdom or anywhere else in Europe and would like to make
the trip to
then you may find yourself with one too many options. The cost for a round trip
London to
Dubai should set you back by $700 or so at
the least and the most expensive flight option should cost you a just little
more than that.

Most of the flight options that cost more than $1,000 a ticket are
generally non-stop, so that is a plus. Personally, if I am going to be shelling
out a thousand bucks for an airfare to
the least I expect is a hassle free direct flight to my destination.

From the
States, there is not much of a chance of you
getting on a direct non-stop flight as the distance to be covered is quite
long. So a stop becomes quite essential, if not for anything else, then at
least for fuel. After all, none of us want to fall out in mid air, do we?

That said, there are direct
flights from the
US from
bigger cities like
New York,
Houston and
Atlanta. You can always take a domestic
flight to any one of those cities and take a non-stop flight to
Dubai from thereon.
Sometimes this may work out cheaper. You just have to run the numbers.

So if you are traveling from United States to Dubai, most if not
all of your flight options will cost around $1,500-2000 and the duration of the
flight should vary anywhere between 15 hrs and 25 hrs (including layovers).
comparison, the duration of a flight from Europe to
should not exceed 8hrs and from
Asia it should
vary between 4 hrs and 9 hrs, depending on the number of stops plus the origin
of the plane itself.

Most of the airlines tend to stopover at a place or two enroute to
the destination, so take care to make sure that you know what you are getting.
One my plane had a 7 hour stopover in
while en route to
Amsterdam is
great, but I've seen most of it and didn't have the desire at the time of my
trip to sightsee.

So if you are not interested in hanging out at some airport
gawking at all and sundry, or getting out for a quick tour of the stop over
city, book yourself on one of the direct Dubai flights with no stopover in
between. It may cost a little bit more, but given the stopover experiences, I
think that the price tag is definitely worth it to some of us.

Book through our pre arranged partner to any flight to
 and save significantly on your travel. We have had so many people
express their satisfaction, particularly about the customer service standards.



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- - - - - - -


I hope
you find this newsletter issue helpful. Please keep it safe for reference in the future.


Take care
and see you soon


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