Do, what's your video strategy for 2014?

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We have only a few weeks left in this year.

Hopefully you're doing a full analysis of what's worked for you this year, what your return on your investments were and what needs improvement.


Self-evaluation at year-end is always revealing and often upsetting.


It's like going to your internist for a full physical exam and the doctor checks you from head to toe. No clothes on. Nothing to hinder his full examination. You can't hide.


Same thing, almost, with your accountant. He should be pulling back the curtain on everything you've done this year and examining your books top to bottom.


Doing that is often unpleasant. It's exposing things you'd often prefer not to shed sunlight on...but you must.


In order to know where you need to go in 2014, you need to know where you've been in 2013. You need to know what's worked and what hasn't. You need to identify your key performance indicators and develop a strategy for each marketing message you intend on using as well as a strategy for each media you will be using in 2014.


If you fail to have a plan...

If you fail to implement your plan...

If you fail to track your plan and your results...


You will wind up doing things on the fly and your direction will change as often as the wind. Flitting from one shiny object to another. That's not a strategy. That's a recipe for disaster.

As I'm getting ready to head out on vacation with my family, I wanted to give you one last opportunity this year to help you create a video marketing strategy that you can implement in 2014.


If you need help creating your strategy, I invite you and encourage you to call my office and ask Frances to schedule a call with me. I have only six slots available over the next two days. Then, I'm off to a warmer climate (compared to New York) where I intend on implementing my own 2014 video marketing strategy. [BTW, I fully expect to hit the 1000 original video mark in the next few weeks.]


This is your last chance before the new year to create your video marketing plan with someone who uses these strategies personally every day and who helps lawyers across the country achieve their video marketing goals. Call me at 516-487-8207. I have only two days available, Tuesday 12/17 & Wednesday 12/18. Only six slots during those two days. $2500 value. Free, if you get one of those slots.


Your other choice is to do what you're currently doing and if you're happy with that, great.

Also, if you've created a video marketing strategy and are struggling to implement it, reach out to me. Together, we can implement your video marketing goals.


Call me at 516-487-8207. Only two days available, Tuesday 12/17 & Wednesday 12/18. No kidding. I'm going on vacation after that.


Kindest regards,



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