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70+ Photoshop Mistakes That Makes You Facepalm
The celebrities you see sprawled across the pages of glamorous magazines and on tabloid papers…
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20 Toy Packaging Designs That Are Utterly Adorable
A lot of good high-quality products put a lot of thought into their packaging. Not…
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How to Allow Others to Embed Your WordPress Posts
Embedding has now become the norm when it comes to sharing content on websites. In…
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50 Cool Gadgets For Your Holiday Wishlist
We are living in the midst of technical revolution. And maybe such huge events such…
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Prototyping Tools and Practices That Yield Maximum Benefits
Taking a prototyping approach to an app or website design project brings with it a…
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10 Wireless Headphones That’ll Change the Way We Hear
For most of us, earphones are a must-have for commutes and jogs, in long queues…
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How to Use WordPress Action Hooks in Theme Customization
WordPress child themes give a relatively easy way to customize the look and feel of…
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Fresh Resource for Web Developers – October 2015
Last month, we have featured a couple of new tools, libraries, and apps which are…
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How to Sync Databases Across Multiple WordPress Installs
Previously, we had a look at how to setup staging environment for WordPress development. If…
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20 Creative Wedding Cake Toppers For Your Inspiration
Weddings in general is a serious matter. There are vows and commitments, tears of joy…
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10 Best Accessibility-Ready WordPress Themes
Building accessible websites that don’t exclude people with different kinds of disabilities has become more…
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