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30 Regex Code Snippets All Web Developers Should Know
Regular expressions are a powerful tool that should be in every developer’s tool belt. They…
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Bring Your Team To Life!
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15 Gift Ideas For The Writer In Your Life
So after publishing wishlists for web developers, designers, geeks and even coffee lovers, it’s a…
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10 Ways You Can Contribute to The Open Source Community
Open source software has helped accelerated the development of information technology, generating opportunities never seen…
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40 Beautiful Christmas Cards Guaranteed to Make You Smile
One might mistake the holiday season as a time for shopping, gifting and taking breaks…
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15 Alternative iPhone Cases to Apple’s Smart Battery Case
So Apple released a new battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6s which is…
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Online Shopping – 6 Smart Tips to Get More For Less
The holidays are coming and everyone’s wallets are thinning by the day. It’s hard to…
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WordPress 4.4: 10 Coolest New Features You Should Know
WordPress 4.4 has just been released today and we played around with this latest new…
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20 Awesome Robotic Gadgets to Splurge On
Want new gift ideas for the coming holiday season? How about getting a robotic toy…
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25 Free Slideshow Plugins for WordPress – Best of
A slideshow, also known as a slider or a carousel, is a brilliant method to…
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50 Creative Christmas Cakes Too Cool to Eat
Cake design has taken on a life of its own with creative wedding cakes and…
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Is Your Job Replaceable By Machines?
Most of us pretty much know that manufacturing lines are going to be machine-dominated industry.…
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