America in Uniform: Farewell Marine PLUS: Army Ranger School Diet

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Captain John Ripley
Captain USMC (Ret.) Ripley relates his heroic feat of singlehandedly stopping the enemy during a major offensive on Easter Sunday in 1972. His "tiny force" of South Vietnamese Marines was poised on one side of the Dong-Ha Bridge to take on the "enormous force" of North Vietnamese troops ready to attack from the other side. Click here to see how Ripley brings down the bridge.
Click here to see how Ripley brings down the bridge.
military humor
Army Ranger School Diet
U. S. Army Ranger school diet -58 days to a leaner, meaner you!
Learn from the people who know weight loss and physical fitness best. Learn how to push your body beyond the limits of hunger. Learn how to dream about food every waking moment. Achieve the absolute lowest levels of body fat imaginable, then gain it all back and more in the first two weeks post-ranger school.
Click here for the diet details.
Farewell Marine
From a loyal subscriber, To all Marines - To All services - it will bring a tear to your eye. Semper Fi!
Click here to watch this beautiful video.
Loyal Subscribers! We need some help. The purpose of our "Heart" section is to publish stories of the experiences, contributions and sacrifices of our military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard) and public service personnel (police officers, firefighters, EMS, merchant marines and others in the public sector) as well as stories of their families. Please search your memory and computer for a few and send them to Bill (CPTOtis) O'Quin at for possible publication. Thanks!

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