Announcing new security, efficiency and operational enhancements in HPE Insight Remote Support 7.9 release

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Support ServicesTechnology Release Announcement – May 4, 2018
Announcing the release of Insight Remote Support 7.9
HPE Insight Remote Support (Insight RS) 7.9 features several new security, efficiency and operational enhancements in this latest release including:
Enhanced Certificate Management – timely and secure notification of expiring certificates with configurable expiry timeframes to balance customers' security policies and recurrence of certificate maintenance; applies to XP storage arrays and some HP-UX products
Solution Manager updates – time-saving, auto-population of CDID when selecting Solution Type; simplified list of solutions with remapping of product names (e.g., HP>HPE)
Enhanced Active Directory Support – Customers with multi-controller AD environments can log in to Insight RS when the originally configured domain controller is not available
Message Board efficiencies - Ability to filter and delete bulk messages
Security and Privacy updates - removal of Data Collection files from local hosting server; enhanced security in handling of personal data
Proactive notification to users of any unexpected database issues
Insight Remote Support 7.9 build now includes remote support enablement for:
•    HPE Integrity RX2800 Server – i6 Processor upgrade (VSI OpenVMS)
•    HPE Integrity BL860c Server – i6 Processor upgrade (VSI OpenVMS)
•    HPE Integrity BL890c Server– i6 Processor upgrade (VSI OpenVMS)
•    HPE InfiniBand FDR 2-port 545M Adapter
•    HPE ProLiant Gen 10/iLO 5 NVMe events
•    HPE Command View TL 5.4
•    HPE StoreFabric 8600B 32Gb FC SAN Director Switch
•    HPE Aruba 2930F TAA Compliant Switch Series (update)
Download Insight RS 7.9 from Software Depot
Advisory: Download new certificates to ensure Insight RS connectivity
Beginning November 1, 2018, the Insight RS solution will move to new root and intermediate security certificates which enable communication from our customers to the HPE Remote Support Data Centers. To ensure continued connectivity with HPE Insight Remote Support, all users must update these certificates. If you are installing the new Insight RS 7.9 version, no further action is required as the certificate is included in the build.
Insight Remote Support has released the new certificates, issued by DigiCert Corp, through the Insight RS Software Manager. If you are not running a supported version of Insight RS (7.7 or newer) by November 1, 2018, Insight RS will no longer be able to communicate with the HPE Remote Support Data Center. For more information and download instructions, click here.
Download Insight RS 7.9 from Software Depot
For further assistance:
Log a request with Insight RS customer support
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