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The Dubai News (Issue #15)
  Dubai City Information SitePopular Areas in Dubai

Hi Kish & Sunil
here to discuss the most popular area in

There is not just one popular area to visit in
Dubai. A lot of these areas are our personal
favorites so we thought we'd include it in this newsletter. Make sure to click
the individual links to read more about each one in detail.

These are not all the areas within
Dubai but a mere list of the popular areas
and areas we are most fond of. So make sure you visit these areas on your trip
Dubai or if
you're already there!

Before we go further though, we recommend getting a copy of the
most comprehensive and accurate guide to
the All Things Dubai guide.  With this
guide you can ensure that you don't miss anything worthwhile.  We have not seen a guide to
as good as this one in the years we have covered


If there is an 8th wonder of the world it's probably the
DubaiPalmIslands. How ironic is it
talking about the wonders of the world in context of
yet none exists in

Very ironic. We think
has seven wonders of its own that can trump any other wonder of the world. The
DubaiPamIsland group is
definitely one of them. We mean how can it not be?

is a set of islands in the shape of a palm tree. The "branches"
(islands) are connected to a main "stem" which is the main road to
the island from the mainland.

This is the road we take to get deep into the islands where you
could see million dollar homes (Dubai Villas) and all kinds of large buildings.
I believe Donald Trump is building the Atlantis there. Though when I was there in 2007
the Atlantis was not finished yet.

The three islands (Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira and Palm Jebel Ali)
are a development on water and we have both been to Palm Jumeirah! It's
perfectly stable.

At first I (Sunil) used to think it would move or cannot sustain
its stability. But I have to take my hat off and anything else to the engineers
that designed the islands.

The Palm Dubai is a one of a kind project. No one thought it would
be possible but
made it happen. It is real my friend.

Check it out during your visit to
Dubai. You can see it nice and clear from a
helicopter tour. We definitely recommend the tour.

Read all about the Dubai Palm Island project in this

Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The Palm Jumeira Dubai was the first
DubaiPalmIsland to be completed. In fact as I
(Sunil) am writing this it is not completely done. It should be right around
the beginning of 2009. It is an artificial island (or set of interconnected
islands) created using "land reclamation" techniques.

It was a project initiated by the Dubai Government and it will
area by more than 500 kilometers. What better way to increase your territory
than just to create it lol. The Palm Jumeirah is the first and original one of
the three

You know how special the first one always is!


We have had some of our best romantic moments at the Dubai Marina.
This area is absolutely stunning.

It is a district set up in "New Dubai" surrounded by
water all over, hence the name "marina". It's such an innovative
achievement as the architects found a way to wrap the waters of the
Dubai river around the

When you stand on one of the bridges, it feels like an abstract
painting with the bodies of water weaving in and out of the city. We drove in
this area one night and the scenery was so pretty despite the orange
construction barrels everywhere!

The entire
Marina project is
man-made (like most things in
and is developed by one of UAE's most prestigious and reputable developer Emaar Properties.

Deira Dubai

Deira, the city of
Gold...well not
quite but this is where the famous 
Dubai Gold Soukis.
Deira is part of
Dubai but it is separated from
by the 
Dubai creek. You have to take
the Abra (water taxi) to get from one side to

We love the Abra! It's a short and sweet ride and allows you to
enjoy the beautiful waters and skies of
in a relaxing and peaceful setting away from the noise and traffic.

Deira is most commonly known for its souks (markets). Deira is
also bordered by the
Persian Gulf and the
Emirate of Sharjah.


InternationalCity is intended to become the cultural capital of
not only
Dubai but the entire
East. It is an 800 hectare project that includes a variety of
residential and commercial buildings.

When fully completed, the area will have many shopping and
touristy attractions from all around the world. The
InternationalCity is only 15 minutes from
DubaiFestivalCity and 20 minutes from the
DubaiFinancialCenter. The area is right
off of Emirates road near
The area has run into some sewage issues in its early stages but nothing earth
shattering (yet).


is meant for media companies. The Government built this area to encourage and
attract local and foreign media companies to set up shop in this area.

One thing to note. When we say area it is really a gigantic
complex where all the companies are housed. It is located between Jumeirah and
Dubai Marina right before Jebel Ali.

The Government has deemed this a tax free zone making it more
attractive for media companies (news, publishing, online, advertising
companies, etc) to operate out of the area.

The Government went a step further and set up the fiber optic
infrastructure to make the companies' transition easy. In addition, Visa granting
laws are easier for employees of these companies.

More on Dubai Media City in this discussion.


Being the web junky that I (Sunil) am, this is one of my favorite
areas in
InternetCity is also more of a big complex of
buildings. It is a technology carnival where you will find all the blue chip
names such as Dell and Microsoft.

MediaCity, the Dubai Internet
city was also formed by the Government to attract technology companies. It is
also a tax free zone and laws of operation are quite lenient. It is located
right next to
MediaCity and the

I love the way the buildings look in this area next to each other.
Just imagine IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, X, Y, Z all next to each other! A
Geek's dream come true.


is an interesting project. We are still not sure of its purpose but it is
clearly an attempt to build a city within a city. In fact when you approach the
area you will be greeted by a sign that welcomes you to
DubaiFestivalCity. Interesting to say
the least.

You will find residences, businesses and entertainment spots in
this area. It is heavily residential (almost like a gigantic subdivision) and
will include a bunch of hotels, shopping malls and golf courses once fully
complete. We think it will even have a school district of its own for its

I remember this area has a huge shopping mall and a river walk
type area similar to
San Antonio,
Texas. It is a very pretty area.

Dubai Beaches

One of our favorites! Beaches in
Dubai are gorgeous. The water is clear and
clean (not sure how long that will last will all the sand dumping in the water)
and it is always a pleasure hanging out in the area.

Most beaches are accessible through the parks of
Dubai. Jumeirah beach is one of our favorite
beaches. It has a long shoreline similar to orange county beach in

My (
Kish) parents live right across Jumeirah beach
Dubai on
Jumeirah road. I grew up looking at the shore from our balcony! My mom told me
that when they moved there it seemed like the shore was reaching distance from
our villa.

However, The City dumped more dirt on the shorelines to extend the
shore out so that the water doesn't reach mainland and cause any damage. It's
amazing to observe what man can do to (or with) nature.

Find out all the nice Dubai beaches and where to go in
this discussion.


We want to say
CityCenter is the second
biggest shopping mall to the Mall of Emirates. You can pretty much find
whatever you are looking for here.

The architecture is quite modern and the mall is located in Deira
just opposite the Dubai Greek Club. This mall has a large movie theater and a 5
star hotel Sofitel. What a luxury lol.

This place is gigantic and we recommend a few days to fully
explore it. You can usually also find good bargains in this mall. And when you
feel hungry, head over to the top floor where you will find all kinds of


is truly a wonderful project and one that my (Sunil) sister (a Doctors in
training) can appreciate. Really, it is a massive $1.8B project that will form
a yet another city within a city that focuses mainly on Healthcare.

HealthcareCity will have medical
schools, hospitals and clinics all in one location. There will also be many
research and rehabilitation centers once is fully completed.

And check this out,
truly mixes pleasure with business on every opportunity it gets. So this area
will include villas and apartment complexes accompanied by 5 star hotels all
around an artificial lake.

This city within a city is established to promote tourism within
the medical capacity. What an absolute genius!


SportsCity is the dream of
every sports fan. It is another
"city within a city" that focuses on guess what? Sports :) Here you
will find stadiums that host any and every sporting event with record breaking
seating capacity.

There was a ton of construction going on back in 2007 when
Kish and I drove by it.
It truly looks promising. I (Sunil) briefly caught a view of the tennis courts
from a distance (as the area is fenced) and they looked soft, smooth and
greener than ever.

As hard core sports fans, we cannot wait until this
"city" is completed. Better yet, we cannot wait until the Olympic
Games will be held there in the near future. We will definitely be there for

Read more about Dubai Sports City here.


Last but not least is Jumeirah. Jumeirah is a very popular area in
Dubai and it is home to the Burj al Arab, the well known
JumeirahBeach and a ton of good malls and parks.

It used to be THE MOST popular area in
Dubai until the recent real estate boom. The
newer developments have cut into Jumeirah's popularity a bit. However, Jumeirah
is still an expensive and preferred area for many
Dubai residents.

So the above are just a few of the popular areas in
Dubai that we recommend you visit while you
are there. We have provided a brief introduction to each in this section.

For more details and to learn more about our own experiences in
each area click on the links leading to the detailed discussions around each
popular area in

We have provided some guides and valuable resources that you may
find helpful in learning more about these areas and in your journey to and
through them. Pleaselet us know if you would like us to cover any
other areas in this section.



The Dubai Palm Island

initiative is an attempt to aid
overgrowing population problem and assist in stabilizing its future. These
man-made islands are some of the best creations of man today. 

The Dubai Waterfront

The Dubai Waterfront is the largest man-made development in the
world (as of 2007). Look at the pictures of the development plan and learn more
about this gigantic

Bur Dubai

Learn about Bur Dubai, one of the
oldest and most historic places of
Located at the
and Deira border, it faces the Dubai Creek as its shoreline. 

= = = = = =

In the next newsletter we will
discuss some specific tourist attractions in Dubai. Don't forget to tell us what you are interested
in so we can bring you ONLY the latest and greatest information that you are
MOST interested in.

care and see you soon...





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