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If you cannot see this email, view it here.ServiceAugust 2017 | Making the most of your membershipTake advantage of all that Rotary has to offer

August is
Membership and New Club Development Month: a time to celebrate your club, your fellow members, and the good you do in your community and around the

Take advantage of the full range of activities available to the Rotary family. A number of programs allow you to engage with fellow
members and make connections outside of your club and district. Here are just a few ways to get involved.

Make new friends:

new cultures and make friends all over the world through Rotary
Friendship Exchange
. Contact your district’s Rotary
Friendship Exchange chair
to get involved.Share your passions and hobbies with fellow Rotarians by joining a Rotary Fellowship.Foster intercultural understanding
through an intercountry committee. An ICC promotes peace and
friendship and strengthens relationships between two countries.Attend a project fair to support an international service effort while
learning about another culture.

Take your projects to the next level:

Collaborate with experts from a Rotarian Action Group or advise Rotary members on how to
make sure their service projects make a lasting impact.Sponsor a Rotary Community Corps (RCC) to engage members of the community
you’re working in. This can also make your project more sustainable, because it positions local leaders to pioneer change— through your
project, and in the future.Work with your district community, international, and vocational service chairs to enhance your service initiatives.

Take advantage of the Project Lifecycle

Rotary’s Project Lifecycle Kit consists of Discussion Groups, Rotary Ideas, and Rotary Showcase — resources that
can contribute to the success of any service project, from inception to completion. Join or start a conversation related to an area of interest in a
Rotary discussion group on My Rotary. Find support for a
project at Rotary Ideas, and share your project successes at Rotary Showcase to inspire others and promote collective efforts
to improve communities around the world.

Rotary: Making a Difference

Rotarians around the world serve their communities 

RI President Ian Riseley recognizes that it’s
important that Rotary clubs define service themselves. During 2017-18, he encourages Rotary members to answer the question “What is
Rotary?” with the theme Rotary: Making a Difference. However members choose to serve, they know their service makes a difference in the
lives of others. Here are some examples of clubs doing just that:

The Rotaract Clubs of Tilottama-Rupandehi and Tilottama Devdaha worked
with their sponsor Rotary club to plant trees in their
The Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro
brought free medical and legal services to an underprivileged community in the Philippines. It provided general consultations, health
assessments, medicine, and reading glasses. It also offered legal services such as consultations, drafting of affidavits, and notarization of
documents. The club also hosted forums on two issues — violence against women and children, and stroke prevention and care.The Rotary Club of Jinja in Uganda installed water and sanitation
facilities in a low-income community whose 500 residents are from areas of conflict around the country.Rotary Friendship Exchange program expansion

Make new friends all around the world 

At President Riseley’s direction, the Rotary Friendship Exchange program has expanded and is now open to
both Rotarians and non-Rotarians, with an emphasis on including more young professionals. The program allows participants to experience a different
culture, deepen their international understanding, foster goodwill, and explore their professions in a different context while building lasting
friendships and a foundation for peace and service. We encourage districts to organize exchanges around at least one of these themes: cultural,
service, and vocational.

 Group cultural exchanges

Riseley encourages districts to participate in group cultural
exchanges, a type of Rotary Friendship Exchange, over the coming year. Emphasizing cultural immersion, these exchanges ideally incorporate
non-Rotarian young professionals, or those who are changing careers, to raise greater awareness, deepen intercultural understanding, and foster a
global mindset.

Learn more about Rotary Friendship Exchange
and work with your district’s chair to organize an
exchange. Read about the benefits of an exchange.


Riseley has challenged all 1.2 million Rotarians to make
a difference by planting a tree before Earth Day, on 22 April. For ideas and tree-planting advice, see the Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action
or download its “1.2 million tree planting” brochure. You can post your stories
using #pledgetoplant or on Rotary Showcase in the environment category.

Read more about the 2017-18 presidential theme
and download the theme logo and
Watch Riseley’s theme


Through the Rotary Service blog, share how
service through Rotary has affected your life. Send us your service stories to help others plan effective and inspired

See our contributor
Read recent posts
Get involved at the 2018 Rotary International Convention

Showcase your service work in

Apply for a Rotary project booth to share your service project
with thousands of members of the Rotary family from around the world. Connect with potential project sponsors and inspire others to undertake similar
activities in their communities. Apply for a booth by 20 October.

Do you have an idea or project you want to tell the Rotary
world about? Organize a breakout session at the Toronto Convention! Submit a proposal to teach others what you’ve learned about
service projects, strengthening membership, partnerships, or leadership development. Proposals are due 1 October.

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