Avoid A Turkey Day Tragedy

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Thanksgiving 2015

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Avoid the mess of a spilled green bean casserole or a crushed
pumpkin pie with CargoTech®. Let us protect your vehicle and
Thanksgiving dinner during your holiday travels.


The WeatherTech® FloorLiner™
accurately and completely lines
your vehicle interior to prevent
mud and snow from ruining your
vehicle's carpet.

WeatherTech® Cargo Liner
protects against all types of wear
and tear in your cargo area. Custom
molded specifically for your vehicle
for complete trunk protection.


The Seat Protector is a much
needed accessory for families and
pets traveling this holiday season to
prevent scratches, dirt, or spills from
ruining your seat surface.

WeatherTech® Side Window
Deflectors are easy to install
and crafted specifically for your
vehicle window channel. Travel with
maximum fresh air enjoyment.


BumpStep® is the best step-bumper
protection available against bumps,
dents and scratches to your vehicle's
bumper. It also allows you to safely
stand on the step for everyday tasks
such as loading a roof rack or washing
the upper area of your vehicle.

With the colder temperatures
approaching, be sure to prep your
vehicle this season. From a gentle
shampoo and carnauba gel wax to
leather conditioner and heavy duty
wheel cleaner, our TechCare® auto
detailing product line has it all.


OutdoorMat™, IndoorMat™ and
BootTray™ are the perfect
accessories for the holiday
season. These doormats are
designed to meet the needs of any
busy doorway to keep fluids and dirt
off your home or business floors.

Have you been to our
WeatherTech® Blog ? From the
vehicle of the month to the latest tips
on how to prepare your vehicle for your
next family adventure, be sure to check
back for weekly updates and tips!


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