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FineArtViews Daily Newsletter | Monday, August 15, 2011 | Issue 1002
 • Benefits of Being Organized  (Keith Bond)
 • FineArtViews Interview: Sarah Eilefson -- Grants and Communications Coordinator for the National Veterans Art Museum (Brian Sherwin), Revisited
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Benefits of Being Organized
by Keith Bond
Dear ,
This article is by Keith Bond, Regular contributing writer for FineArtViews.  You should submit an article and share your views as a guest author by clicking here.
Teachers often learn more than students. 
With that in mind, today’s topic (at my wife’s suggestion) is the importance of organizing the business side of your career.  Hmmm…I wonder if my wife is hoping that I will learn something!
So why is it important that you keep up with the business side of your career?  What are the benefits of being organized?
There are many reasons.  I’ll highlight a few here.
Disorganization sucks away your creative energy.  Lack of organization causes distractions, inefficiencies, lost opportunities and wasted time.  It causes frustration, worry, and confusion.  It can take the joy out of your work.
Becoming organized is liberating and allows you to focus on the given task at hand rather than being distracted by other tasks.  During your art creating time, you can focus all your energy on creating.  During your business time, you can focus on bookkeeping, marketing, organization, emails, cataloging, etc.  The two sides of your business will not collide for attention as often. 
Organization fosters an atmosphere where your creative energy can prosper without distraction.
More work gets done.  Organization better allows you to actually accomplish things.  You become more productive. 
No longer will you need to stop creating while in the middle of the zone because you suddenly realize that you forgot to type up your bio for an upcoming show.  It was due yesterday.  You stop to type the bio and end up checking email and social media for a couple hours instead.  You get an invitation to another event and spend a few hours looking through your images to see if you have anything to enter.  You accomplished nothing today. 
Set aside time for each task.  Organize your to-do list.  Organize your time.
You can find what you need.  It can be frustrating to spend hours compiling a mailing list for a postcard you want to send out.  If only you had an organized database of your contacts.  You wouldn’t waste time searching for the address of that one hot prospect you met last year. 
You can’t find half the receipts of your purchases for the past 6 months and taxes are due tomorrow. 
Where did you put that CD from the photographer?  It has all the jpegs of your most recent artwork and you didn’t take the time to upload them to your computer when you had it in hand.
Whatever happened to that painting of XYZ you did last year?  Which gallery did you send it to?  Did it ever sell?  What did you title it?  What was the size again? 
Organize your documents, images, addresses, inventory, etc. 
You get the point.  Disorganization of the business side not only results in lost opportunities, it also affects you ability to create your artwork.  Organization allows for more uninterrupted creativity.
How has organization or disorganization affected you?  What are some strategies you have found to be helpful?
Best Wishes,
Keith Bond
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FineArtViews Interview: Sarah Eilefson -- Grants and Communications Coordinator for the National Veterans Art Museum (Brian Sherwin), Revisited
Here are the first five comments regarding Saturday's article:
Barb Stachow
Incredible article about incredible artists, thanks
geri degruy
i just erased a rant on america and war.
thank you for this interview brian, for reminding us about the amazing power of art in healing and informing us about the NVAM. It was an honor to read this.
Debra LePage
This is such an excellent and informative interview. I have visited the museum at it's S. Indiana location and was sorry to see it displaced to an upper level due to the sale of the building. The dog tags installation can still be seen and is such an emotional experience. We often take visitors in to see it and their reaction is always one of awe and sorrow. I agree that some of the work is difficult to view but it is essential for all of us to see what the effects of war are on the individual and to respect the sacrifices made. I hope the NVAM finds a home where more people can see this incredible art. Thank you for writing about this and thanks to Sarah Eilefson for her very important work.
Jo Allebach
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Hopefully it will bring support for this very important art work. Very emotional piece.
Donald Fox
This is an informative interview in spite of some effort to promote an agenda of labeling liberals as simplistic, anti-war, or anti-military, and uninformed about war-influenced artwork (or am I misreading?). Personally, I don't doubt that there are many liberals and conservatives who give up their own rationality to the political persuasion to which they give allegiance. Historically, this has been shown to be true with many social issues of the past whether war related or not. Ignorance is ignorance without respect to politics.
What was most interesting is Ms. Eilefson's response that the NVAM encourages artist soldiers to express themselves creatively without respect to any political persuasion "The NVAM embraces our artists and their work on the basis of their art and contemplation of the impact of war, regardless of the artist's politics or perspective." Sometimes the results may be deeply disturbing and emotionally wrenching for artist and viewer. The results may also be cathartic.
War is brutal, dehumanizing, and takes its toll on soldier and civilian. Good people sometimes end up doing atrocious, horrible things. Innocent people are killed, brutalized, raped, and forced to endure other indignities. To blame all soldiers is foolish and stupid. No right-minded person would do so. Not everyone that goes into the military comes out like Timothy McVeigh or becomes a neo-Nazi. Some soldiers become John F. Kennedy, Jack Murtha, Daniel Inouye, or Bob Kerrey. Still, one can oppose war without necessarily opposing the warrior.
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