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Issue 11, 2013: 8th November

News & comment on sustainable development

Biodiversity: indicators and management

Defra's latest biodiversity indicators report on UK progress towards meeting the international Aichi targets, as a new biodiversity management standard is launched to help developers, planners and local authorities.

This month's international round-up includes a global agreement on action to beat malnutrition at a London summit, and DFID Research on overcoming local barriers to girls’ education.

We also look at the Greening Government ICT strategy and round up research and local news from around the UK.

Nick Saltmarsh, Editor -

Biodiversity »

New biodiversity indicators »

Reporting UK progress towards meeting the Aichi targets, international biodiversity goals and targets agreed by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in 2010.

» From the archive: Environment ministers agree new UN biodiversity strategy at Nagoya

New biodiversity management standard »

A new standard offers authorities, developers, planners and local government ecologists the information and methodology to make sound decisions on biodiversity.

» From the archive: Consulting on biodiversity offsetting

UK Government »

Greening Government ICT strategy update »

The Government's second annual report on implementation of the Greening Government ICT strategy shows good progress on embedding green ICT thinking.

» From the archive: Commitments for Greening Government

Government news round-up »

Reducing emissions, response to Committee on Climate Change, low-carbon electricity generation, Arctic policy, MOD conservation and energy awards, geothermal review.

International news »

International round-up »

Global agreement to beat malnutrition, women's leadership to transform societies, research on overcoming local barriers to girls' education.

National and local news »

Local round-up »

News from around the UK: green transport in Lancashire, Bristol named European Green Capital 2015, visions of low carbon futures, straw bales housing in Essex.

Research news »

SPLiCE: Sustainable Pathways to Low Carbon Energy »

The SPLiCE research programme will explore the sustainability of different mixes of energy supply and demand options needed to deliver greenhouse gas emissions targets.

Research round-up »

Testing indicators, decoupling resources and growth, reducing energy consumption through community networks, risks and opportunities of options on global warming.

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