Boomerangs Are Back

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Boomerang Kids are Back
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Boomerang Kids Are Back!
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Stepping Stones
June, 2015
Issue #137
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         Rosemary and Phyllis
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Boomerang Kids Are Back!  


Now that graduations are over, perhaps you're dealing with boomerang kids moving back home because of high college debt and low paying jobs. If so, our newly released book may be just the right energizer for smoothing out those rough edges. Here's an excerpt from Whose Couch Is It Anyway? where we give you a birds eye view of how we help other families deal with boomerang kids back in the nest:  


Susan doesn't believe it when her husband Jim, always the practical, conservative one, drops the glossy brochure on her desk at work: SEPTEMBER IN PARIS. "I think it's about time," he says.


She isn't about to disagree. Their youngest son is going off to college at the end of August. And how many vacations in Europe have she and Jim set up for others to enjoy over the last twenty-five years? It's their turn now.


Jim rumples her short hair. "We'll check out flights tonight. See what kind of discounts we can get on a four-star hotel."


Feeling like celebrating, Susan leaves work early for the grocery store. She's never been a confident cook, so something fancy and French is out of the question, but both she and Jim consider steak and baked potatoes a treat.


By the time Jim gets home, she has the table in the dining alcove set with cloth napkins and candles. Their house is modest in size-when they were raising their three kids, cozy sometimes felt crowded, cluttered. But tonight, it feels just right-a staging area, maybe, for grand adventures.


Typical Jim, he brings his laptop to the table and gets right down to business, juggling knife, fork, and mouse. No problem, Susan thinks, paging through a stack of pamphlets. We can save romantic for Paris.


Jim clicks around the airlines, totally absorbed, muttering to himself and chewing food at the same time. Susan's the one who hears the key turning in the front lock. Jim doesn't look up until Cody is standing in the living room in jeans, torn T-shirt, and backwards baseball cap, a sack of dirty laundry collapsed beside him.


"Food looks awesome," their middle child says. "Is there enough for me?"


"You can have the rest of my steak," Susan says. "I'll put another potato in the microwave."


Jim shakes his head and says nothing.


"That's all right," Cody says. "I'll just make some eggs."


"Sit down. I'm full," Susan says, shoving her plate in front of an empty seat. "It would help though if you'd give us some advance notice when you're-"


"I'm sorry. The thing is, I didn't know until a little while ago."


"Know what?" Jim asks.


"I can't stay at the apartment much longer. The guys are looking for a roommate who can pay rent."


"What a concept!"


"Dad, I'm looking for work."


"Right. Every day you check the classifieds under rock star."


"Thanks a lot for your support," Cody says, backing away from the table. "You know, I tried a bunch of restaurants last week, just to pay some bills. It's not my fault they're not hiring."


"Maybe it'd help if you shaved."


"Jim," Susan says sharply.


"I don't want me moving back home any more than you do," Cody says.


"Who said anything about that?" asks Jim.


"Look, I feel like crap, but I don't see any other choice," Cody says, his voice breaking.


Susan reaches up to put her arms around his skinny shoulders. "Go do your wash, we'll think of something."



To learn more about Whose Couch Is It Anyway: Moving Your Millennial, check out the book page on our website and watch the book trailer on YouTube.
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Summer has now officially begun and school is out for the next few months. Your family may be excited about kicking back and having fun, but what about you?


Are you interested in what's going on in social media about Boomerang Kids? Here's a link to tweets about boomerangs on TWITTER and another one to FACEBOOK posts about them. 


If you want to learn about some practical solutions to help your family in flux, then why not BUY Whose Couch Is It Anyway? It could be the best $14.95 you've spent all year.    


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