Creating a Family Art Foundation - Start-ups: raising capital in Luxembourg - Role of clearing houses in Bond Issuance

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Creating a Family Art Foundation

Having created or inherited a collection, many families will wish to ensure it is preserved both during their lifetime and for future generations. Planning how to transfer a family collection to the next generation can be one of the most critical aspects of building and maintaining a successful financial plan. Deciding where the collection may reside be it with a foundation, a family member, or a museum also is a key consideration. In light of the potential tax and other financial liabilities, deciding on the best strategy early on can be of critical importance.


Ownership through a foundation structure can offer significant advantages over direct ownership, in terms of preservation of the collection generally and, in particular, in relation to the owner. The very wide range of foundation formats available and the huge flexibility which careful drafting can incorporate into foundation instruments allows structures to be tailored to the needs of the particular client and collection.


Creatrust has written an article in collaboration with Fine Art Wealth Managemenent, in which they examine the rise of Family Art Foundations and how many collecting families are using their art to realise what they define as a richer life and achieve a greater sense of fulfilment. 

Our article on Creating a Family Art Foundation


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Start-ups: Raising Capital via Luxembourg

Luxembourg offers a wide range of solutions to allow entrepreneurs to structure their capital raising activity. Funds, both public and private placement funds, can provide interesting solutions, from venture capital, over private equity to listed equity investments. Corporations, promoters and entrepreneurs also use the holding structure in Luxembourg, the SOPARFI, to pool their equity participations and finance companies. The SLP, Special Limited Partnership, can also be considered when starting a business.


Business angels and Venture capital companies invest in new or very early companies with often a high degree of risk.  Equity is then the common way to attract new investors. It provides the investors with a share in the overall returns and potentially even decision influence or even control over a company. Issuance of bonds and hybrid instruments allows entrepreneurs to attract capital without giving away equity, even for smaller and medium-sized enterprises.

It used to be possible to issue bonds only for capital needs in excess of EUR 50 million. Creatrust now offers solutions for :

capital raising from the very early stage of the creation and development of any start-up based in Luxembourg and

bond issuance from as little as EUR 1 million and with lead times of several weeks only, thanks to a securitisation vehicle. The bond issuance is then subscribed by potential investors who then receive a yield which depends on the risk and value of the underlying company or assets.

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Role of clearing houses in Bond Issuance

Issuance of bonds through private or public placement is used to raise capital from well-informed/professional investors. Bonds may be structured through a securitisation vehicle. In such case this financial instrument provides investors exposure to the income stream of a receivable or another asset.The use of a clearing house simplifies and secures the process of subscription, which might be seen as complex.

Clearstream/Euroclear are financial services company specialised in settlement and related securities services for cross-border transactions. In the frame of a Private Placement the two clearing companies act jointly in:


the acceptance of securities (through a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and allocation of an ISIN code beginning by XS),

the supervision of the creation of the securities the day of the issuance (with the Paying Agent) and the supervision of the Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) with the several counterparties (simultaneous exchange of securities vs. cash),

the follow-up of the scheduling of payments with the Paying Agent until the maturity of the securities, and of all the turnovers on the Nominal Amount of the issuance,

the communication on all information to “participants” registered on these securities (“participants” means investors banks with a Clearstream or an Euroclear account ), on demand of the Paying Agent and the Issuer.

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