D.C. Headlines: Why would D.C. D emocrats consider writing checks to a pro-life Republican? He’s ch allenging Jason Chaffetz in Utah.

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GOP challenger hopes to fuel House bid with support from D.C. residents.
Isaac Hale, Daily Herald
Why would D.C. Democrats consider writing checks to a pro-life Republican? He’s challenging Jason Chaffetz in Utah.
GOP challenger hopes to fuel House bid with support from D.C. residents.
By Paul Schwartzman •  Read more »
Former D.C. elementary school teacher offered plea deal in child sex abuse case
Manuel Fernandez accused of sexually assaulting 3 students at Northwest Washington charter school.
By Keith L. Alexander •  Read more »
Woman found fatally stabbed in home near Capitol Hill
Police are searching for her missing vehicle.
By Peter Hermann •  Read more »
Amenities and attractions within easy reach in historic Foggy Bottom
WHERE WE LIVE | The diverse D.C. neighborhood is close to Metro, the Mall and a host of cultural treasures.
By Harriet Edleson •  Read more »
D.C. region ranks No. 2 in the abundance of millennial home buyers
TOWN SQUARE | A Lending Tree analysis found that 46.8 percent of all its mortgage requests for the D.C. area came from borrowers age 35 and under.
By Michele Lerner •  Read more »
College freshman on spring break killed in NE
Ayana J. McAllister, 19, was home from North Carolina when she was shot.
By Martin Weil and Dana Hedgpeth •  Read more »
Howard University student ordered held on kidnapping charge
Police said a drug deal went bad; the suspect’s attorney questioned the police account.
By Peter Hermann •  Read more »
Ex-teacher charged with child sex abuse was subject of previous D.C. investigation
Manuel Fernandez has been fired from his job at LAMB Public Charter School.
By Emma Brown and Peter Hermann •  Read more »
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