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Spring roots

New shoots

Hello you,

Here in the Netherlands, Spring has finally arrived! Not quite T-shirt weather for us yet but now the clocks have moved forward we can look forward to lighter, longer evenings.

From an Ayurvedic and yogic perspective the beginning of Spring is the time to cleanse ourselves from the Winter slumber. In yoga we can do this through an invigorating physical practice, using Sun Salutations, twists, backbends, dynamic forward bends etc. This way we help to spring clean the body naturally. 
The seasonal energy of Spring is also related to growth and renewal, so my invitation is to make use of this energy to stimulate your curiosity to study - and of course what better subject to study then yourself?! Your deeper layers, your true being, that what hides underneath all the chatter of the mind

To help you with this we have a fantastic new program on the Eight Limbs of Yoga coming soon, so dive in and cultivate your strong roots!



Dive deeper... 

Free talk - 'The Eight Limbs of Yoga'

"What is the practice of yoga? What are the challenges we are likely to encounter and how can we deal with them in order to make our practice richer and profound and significant to us and others?"

In this short talk Anat Geiger helps us understand the concept of 'The Eight Limbs of Yoga' and explains why learning more about them can truly enrich and authenticate our experience of yoga, and of life. 

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Tired of the focus on the aesthetics of yoga?

New guided online yoga program

Deepen your yoga practice both on and off the mat...
We've put together a 2 month program - a first for EkhartYoga - to help you learn more about The Eight Limbs of Yoga. Through informative talks, yoga, Pranayama and meditation, we'll help you achieve a good grasp of each limb and enable you to dive even deeper into your practice on and off the mat......Learn more

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Deepen your practice

Featured blog article

"Yoga happens when you consistently discriminate between the choices and actions that uplift and elevate your life and the lives of others and when, over time you can let go of all that which does not."

What does 'deepening our yoga practice' (or Sadhana) mean? Reflecting on her own journey and seeking insight from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Manda explores this interesting subject. Warning: you may end up with more questions than answers!

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Yoga workshops

Embrace a new way of thinking

Yogic Mindfulness program in Amsterdam with AG and Indra Mohan - 15th to 21st May

Maintain a steady mind that gives us fulfilment, contentment and stays with us, no matter what

We've all made resolutions to bring positive changes into our lives and tasted success on some occasions but found progress elusive on many others. If you've ever wanted to understand how to maintain a steady mind that gives us fulfilment, contentment and stays with us, no matter what, then this program is for you. In this 6 day workshop you'll learn the tools of Yogic mindfulness to help you embrace a new way of thinking. 
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From the blog

Shoots and roots...

Sprouting seeds

Learn why and how to sprout seeds, releasing their vital energy AND turning them from food into nutrient packed superfoods!

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The root chakra

The root chakra governs the earth element inside of you - all that is solid. Learn more about it and how to balance this energy centre.

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