Discover the key to relaxation in Nevada + 7 Nights in Greece & Ireland from $1,239

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Let the stress melt away in Nevada's hot springs.

This Summer Relax in Nevada's Hot Springs
Start planning your desert getaway. Experience jaw-dropping landscapes in the Nevada desert and venture to uncover one of hundreds of hot springs. Drive away from civilization and reconnect with nature this summer. See deal now!
Discover the key to relaxation in Nevada’s hot springs.
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Soak up some amazing at Spencer Hot Springs.

When a few of my best friends and I decided to spend a long weekend together, the toughest part was figuring out where to go. We imagined some kind of serenity, but we were antsy for adventure. Where could we go that’s both thrilling and relaxing
at the same time?
“We’re going to Nevada,” one friend decided, “but I can’t tell you where. You’ve just got to trust me.” She told us we wouldn’t need to bring much – other than an open mind. The mystery of it was too
enticing to turn down, so we packed up and headed out into the desert.
A few hours of dirt road driving and paper map navigating led us through a series of stunning basins and mountain ranges. When we finally arrived, we were in the middle of, well, somewhere. Our trusty leader hopped out of the car and beckoned us to follow
her. What lay before us appeared to be a regular pond. That is, until we noticed the steam rolling off the surface. We’d found it: a beautiful oasis, Fish Lake Valley natural hot spring, shimmering there in the soft pink
We stood there in awe as our friend told us how Nevada has dozens of these hot springs – and over the next few days, we’d check a few off the list. She dipped her big toe in to test the temperature, and with a satisfied grin, gave us the okay.
We slinked into the concrete tub just in time to watch the sun drop behind Nevada’s tallest peak, and in an instant, all of the stress and worries of the past few weeks just melted away.
The rest of the weekend was like one big off-grid treasure hunt. From Fish Lake Valley, we headed to Spencer Hot Springs, tucked away in the heart of Big Smoky Valley just south of Highway 50, the Loneliest Road in America. We took in spectacular views
and soaked in old metal cattle troughs – “cowboy tubs,” as the locals call them – and after hearing about the incredible sunsets and stargazing, we decided to set up camp for the night. We laid back and
watched the stars appear one by one, and before long, the Milky Way became visible to the naked eye.
In that moment it was impossible to think about anything except the stunning beauty of that magical place. The next morning, we woke up and drove back to civilization, speechless at how much we had experienced in the Nevada desert. And while I wish we
could’ve stayed, I know there are still plenty of treasures just waiting to be discovered the next time I need a desert getaway.

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