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  June 22, 2015 Subscribe   The editors of Beef Today comb the Internet to discover news cattle producers can use By Greg Henderson and Friends "Drunk Field Day" We stew and fret over what seems to be a growing legion of activists and fanatics, born of an urban culture that knows little of farming or the outdoors. Yet we can lose sight of the fact millennials may not crave organic okra as much as "Drunk Field Day." That's what you'll find in the newest fad for young, urban professionals who are paying $245 to relive the summer camps of their youth, with the addition of adult beverages and, umm... activities. At Camp Throwback, you can participate in Drunk Field Day, Hangover Yoga and sober archery practice. Camp No Counselors has created three-day escapes for adults in Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville and upstate New York.
Drunken field days and hangover yoga (Inquisitr)
Be a kid again... but with booze
(Camp Throwback)

Booze, water sports and booze
(Camp No Counselors)

Summer camp ain't just for kids (CNN) ADVERTISEMENT Last Chance to Save for Michigan Summer College Events
Don't miss out on your last chance to save money on Corn College events. Plus, register today for a chance to win a special edition Henry rifle. Register now! Supremes Settle Raisin Ruckus Fresno, Calif., raisin farmer Marvin Horne has been in legal battle with the government-backed board that claimed control of part of his crop since 2004. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional for the government to take private property without paying "just compensation," and the protection applies to raisins as well as real estate. The raisin program, which dates back to the Truman administration, was vigorously defended by the Obama administration.
We heard it through the grapevine (LA Times)
Renegade raisin farmer (USA Today) Read More from Grazing the Net What to do with the mounds of coffee cherry pulp leftover after coffee harvest? Well, it failed as feed. How 'bout flour? Munchies has the story. Dude, Give A Sample! Surfers are uniquely exposed to the ocean, ingesting more water than just about anyone, according to the latest issue of Fast Company. That's why researchers say surfers' rectums offer a promising new venue for antibiotic resistance research because catching a wave may be a good way to catch a drug-resistant bug. Whatever is in the guts of surfers is a reliable indicator of what's in the water, say researchers.
Wrecked 'em?! Damn near killed 'em (Fast Coexist) ADVERTISEMENT Get More Money from Your Land... With Minimal Work
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