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The Dubai News (Issue #11)
  Dubai City Information Site
Dubai Properties
With the rapid progression
has experienced, property values have also experienced unprecedented growth.
Just until year 2000 or so,
properties barely appreciated. If anything, they depreciated in value because
of wear and tear.

Recently however (post 2000), 
Dubai real estate has skyrocketed just like properties
did in the
post the 1970s. As an avid real estate investor here in the
USA, I can certainly appreciate what has
transpired with properties in

I started considering
property investment in 2005 but was always afraid of the "real estate bubble"
that I perceived existed in the real estate market. My perceptions were shaped
by my experiences here in the

Dubai however, unlike to
USA, has shown no signs of bursting
out of the bubble. I started studying the
real estate market since then and have made some contacts in the industry.

It is not difficult for you to find a property for sale in
Dubai today. Until I believe 2006, you were
not allowed to own a property in
You could only rent.

After 2006 or so, to encourage foreign investment, the Dubai
Government (Sheikdom) enacted a law allowing aliens (non Nationals) to purchase
properties in
in certain freehold zones.

Dubai, and the UAE (
Arab Emirates), is one of the safest
countries to live in or visit in the whole world. Because it is such an ideal
place, developers and construction companies have set up shop there and are
rapidly building every day.

I often wonder who is buying all those properties every time I see
a new building go up. But I guess they are selling like hot cakes. They must

Infrastructure development is all controlled by the city's
Government, who is constantly evaluating the supply and demand ratio in the
country to maintain the city's growth and financial success.

Investing in a property in
Dubai is a great if you want to
settle in
over the long haul. This is because the Government does not grant naturalized

In other words you can never become a Dubai National. The only was
you can stay in
is either if you have a working Visa through a corporate sponsor (you must be
working) or if you have a residence Visa which is granted to property owners.

Living in
DubaiCity or purchasing a property for sale in
Dubai has many advantages. Some include (but
are not limited to) the following: 

        Nice, sunny and warm weather all year

        Unlimited access to beaches anywhere

        Tax free income and duty free shopping

        Low interest rates and relaxed lending
standards to encourage property investment

        High rental rates and spread between
rental income and mortgage interest rates

        World's biggest and best entertainment
and tourism hub

        Heavy presence of most multinational
Fortune companies

        Free trade zones ideal for
entrepreneurs and business owners

and best of everything (shopping, dining, jobs, real estate, entertainment)
like in the
USA, you have
many options when selecting
Dubai villas are quite popular if you have a family. Villas are the equivalent of
homes, they are just called villas.
also have apartments, condos and hotel apartments. Hotel apartments are your
semi-long but short term options (think about an extended stay hotel that
offers very reasonable long term weekly or monthly rates).
the Burj Dubai residential lounges have also become quite popular. Burj Dubai (the
tallest building project in the world as of 2007, $900M invested, approx 1,000
meters high and 200 floors) is scheduled to be completed in 2009.
Dubai investment property craze warmed up around 2004 and
has no signs of stopping anytime soon. Many (like me) believe a bubble exists
in the real estate market.
the way the city is moving it's hard to believe that anything will stop its
progression in the near future. You might be looking at decades and decades of
continuous growth.
I have my own thoughts and this is a
great topic for discussion. But looking back in retrospect and now that this
newsletter has ended, I don't regret my decision at all.
I highly recommend theDubai Investing Secrets Guide
if you are interested in learning more about
Dubai properties or investing in them.  It is a highly credible resource with
first-hand practical information from investors who have been there and done

= = = =
= =

We will
bring you deeper insight on Real Estate
in Dubai in the next issue. Don't forget to tell us what you are interested
in so we can bring you ONLY the latest and greatest information that you are
MOST interested in.
care and see you soon...

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