Ekhart Yoga news - Happy International Yoga Day!

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Ekhart Yoga news - Happy International Yoga Day!
Hello everyone,

Sunday 21st June marks the first ever International Day of Yoga and we are really happy and proud to be part of this global celebration.
I invite you all to join us in our 108 Sun Salutations class which is available for free on EkhartYoga.com during #YogaDay. Thanks to all of you who have been following the training program with us this month.
If Sun Salutations aren't for you there will be three other free classes to choose from on Sunday 21st June: a relaxing Chill out Yin Yoga class with Anat Geiger, a Heart-warming meditation with Esther Teule and a Feel Good Flow class with me. So there's something for all levels and abilities. 

These classes will be free on 21st June (across all time zones) so invite your friends and create a positive vibe as we practice yoga together around the world.

Visit the blog to learn more and to see all the free classes.

Esther x




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If you've not been an EkhartYoga member before you can now try us out for €1 / $1 for your first month. This gives you unlimited streaming access to all of our 1300+ yoga and meditation classes, talks and tutorials, and our guided programs.   
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Jeff Phenix joins EkhartYoga

Please welcome Jeff Phenix, our latest guest teacher on EkhartYoga.com 

Jeff is one of London’s leading yoga teachers. His classes are strong with a meditative approach.

Practice Jeff's first class Short and sweet but powerful -  a 45 minute Hatha class using the breath to flood fresh energy through the inner body and release any tension and holding in the outer body.

Jeff will also be featuring in our new program for July -  Yin Yang Yoga! There'll be more news on that tongue-twister coming soon.



Learn more about Ayurveda and Yoga

Ayurveda is Yoga’s sister science. It is a system of medicine based on bringing balance to the body and mind with a focus on prevention and tailoring healthy diet and lifestyle choices for the individual. The word comes from: Ayur - life / long life   and  Veda - knowledge

You can follow a whole program of Ayurveda: Yoga and Diet classes on EkhartYoga with Irina Verwer. In her classes Irina explains more about Ayurveda's five elements: Ether (or Space), Air, Fire, Water, Earth and how they make up the three doshas.

Read more about these five elements and Irina's program 



Easy detox Kitchadi recipe

We love this recipe for Kitchadi. An easy way to eat clean and give your system a rest without any big planning or expensive ingredients.

Kitchadi is balancing for all Ayurvedic doshas: Vata, Pita and Kapha

Take our quiz to find out which is your dominant dosha



Featured retreat

Yoga and Thai Massage retreat with David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner


Join Mirjam and David for this week of amazing self care through Yoga, meditation, mantra and amazing food, balanced with a healthy dose of caring for others through Thai Massage.

Where and when: Mallorca, 24 - 31 October

More details...



You can find details of all our teachers' retreats, workshops and teacher trainings on our Workshops page



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