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Hello everyone,

Having just moved house and city I have been pondering about what “being/feeling at home” really means. We tend to link “home” to a physical location, like a house and a town, where we feel safe and where we can “relax”. But when you move house your physical location changes and the new one is in a complete state of chaos and all the things that you normally associate with the ability to relax and that make you feel at home aren’t there.

During moments like that it is good to realise home is always where you are and not tied to a physical location. It helps to remember you are the space in which a physical home happens, chaos happens, change happens and feelings of relaxation or stress happens. You are the moment and whatever arises in that moment constantly changes and is something you can observe. This moment, here and now is home, really home. Home really is a word that points to intimacy with the moment as it is, a connection beyond words and changing phenomena, right here, now.

With love,



What's new at EkhartYoga

Get fit and healthy in 10 days - featured program


This August join us for the Get Fit and Healthy in 10 days program

You can expect lots of strong core strengthening work along with Ashtanga style Sun Salutations to increase your stamina and tone your upper body and legs. 

This is one of our most popular programs on EkhartYoga.com and will make a real difference to your yoga practice.

As Carissa on Twitter says: “@EkhartYoga I love this program! I go back to it often. I never would have believed how much impact 10 days could have on my fitness. #tryit”

You can follow the program by email and get classes and articles sent to you each day. To do this you first need an EkhartYoga membership and then you sign up to the email alerts for this program. We will start together on Monday August 3rd.

EkhartYoga app

It just so happens that this 10 day program fits perfectly on the EkhartYoga app so you can practice with us wherevr you are! If you have a current Ekhart Yoga subscription you can download any 10 classes of your choice to your iphone or ipad to watch offline. The app is free and works with your subscription. The Android version is just a couple of weeks away. Read more...


Find your classes more easily

You can now use the search function within your 'saved favorites' to find your classes. This is part of a series of new updates coming over the next few months to help you find the right class for you and get the most out of your EkhartYoga membership. 


Get grounded

If, like Esther, you have been on the move a lot lately practicing seated hip opening poses can really help bring you back down to earth. Watch this free tutorial on 5 poses for your hips from Esther. 

Members can also practice these poses in a full length class - Seated hip opening yoga class 


Workshops and retreats

You can find details of all our teachers' workshops, retreats and teacher trainings over on the Workshops page.

7 Day retreat with Jeff Foster Belgium, 9 - 16 October

Through talks, guided meditations, intimate dialogues, laughter, tears, and silence, Jeff will invite us to take a fresh look at our present experience and discover the ocean of who we really are: a non-dual awareness that has already allowed every wave of thought and emotion to arrive…Read more


Yoga weekends in Europe with David Lurey

Join David in Paris or Amsterdam this November for yoga and music. Each weekend will have a different focus. Find out all the details on his workshops page. 


For access to all our programs and classes become an EkhartYoga member - new members can sign up for just €1/$1 for the first month, after that it’s 12.50 a month - Join here

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