Ekhart Yoga - our new program and other news

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Ekhart Yoga - our new program and other news
Hello everyone,

I want to invite you today to be aware of experiencing limiting beliefs and thoughts. When you are aware of one, decide to stop believing them! We all have the capacity to be extraordinary, to live our passion and reach great heights. Starting to be who you are fully, without being held back by limiting beliefs about yourself, is extraordinary in itself.

The 108 Sun Salutation program we just ran here is a good example of this. Reading the comments under the classes, especially the 108 class, showed that many yogis have managed to free themselves from limiting beliefs and surprised themselves, not only about being able to do this, but also how great it made them feel (you can see some of the lovely comments below). So be aware of what stops you doing something in your life and think twice before you decide not to do it!! You might even end up doing 108 Sun Salutations as a result :-)

With love,



New Program - Yin Yang Yoga


Experience Yin and Yang aspects of yoga in one session. Join our new Yin Yang Yoga program and over three weeks explore the benefits of these well balanced and creative classes. This three week program starts on Monday (July 6th) with three brand new classes a week from some of our great teachers including Esther Ekhart, José de Groot and Jeff Phenix. 

Follow the program by email and we will send you all your classes and related articles. 

Please note that you have to have an active EkhartYoga membership to access these classes. 



New specific uses on our video filter


We have added a few new specific uses to our video filter to help you find the videos you want. 

Chakras - classes based on the Chakras
Continuous flow - classes that are focused on a flowing asana practice, less talk more action!
Floor Hatha - floor based Hatha classes, involving mostly seated and lying postures
For women - classes especially for women
Spiritual theme - classes where the teachers talk about interesting concepts that you can take with you off the mat into daily life. Great for new perspectives!
Twists - Classes that have a lot of twist poses



Thank you for your feedback - 108 Sun Salutations


Last month we celebrated the first international day of yoga with our 108 Sun Salutations class. So many of you got involved and sent us your feedback. We loved the sense of community you all created in your comments - THANK YOU for being part of it!


"Thank you Esther, I was on my mat at sunrise for the global wave of sun salutations starting international yoga day. I had many doubts when my alarm went off but wanted to honour my commitment to doing 108. I'm so glad that you created this for everyone. Your voice, breath and energy enabled me to flow through with intention and present. Here to a powerful shift. Namaste x"


"Wow. That really was special. I can't quite believe it passed so quickly. And it was so wonderful to practice with you (and especially with the drums – thank you, Roy!), and aware of all the other yogis out there practicing too. Thank you all, so much. Namaste x"


Feel like doing it again?! You can practice the 108 Sun Salutations program any time you like as part of your EkhartYoga.com membership



Workshops and retreats


We have recently added lots of new workshops, retreats and teacher trainings from our wonderful EkhartYoga teachers. From teacher trainings in Bali or Brazil to weekend workshops in Europe. You can find all the details on the Workshops page.


Esther Ekhart's European summer workshops

If you would like to spend some time with Esther this summer why not attend one of her workshops in Frankfurt or Leeds.

You can join her for one or two or all of her half day workshops! 

Frankfurt, Germany - 19 & 20 September 2015

Leeds, United Kingdom - 3 & 4 October 2015



Have you read this yet?

It's all about the breath

"The breath is more important than the asana. The breath is boss. Give yourself over to this and your whole experience of yoga will change. You will want to practice, you will want to get on your mat. You will feel more energised, more relaxed and more content. The breath is boss...let it rule."

Read more in Nichi's article 



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