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Hello everyone,

The article featured in this newsletter talks about how we are the space for thoughts and not the thinker of them. Personally every time my mind gets busy, this knowing is such a relief. It stops me from taking anything personally and it helps me to be kind towards myself, towards the thoughts that run. It helps me to even be curious about what stuff the mind comes up with, without getting distracted by it. When you observe, and when you are curious, you connect with that what goes beyond the mind. A wide open field of aliveness. So then there is this wide open field of aliveness that observes thinking. Very enjoyable actually ! Try it ;-)




What's new on EkhartYoga

Iyengar Yoga - precision and detail

By popular request we are adding Iyengar Yoga to our library of classes. You can see the first video today with Adela Serrano. Today's class is all about opening hips and groins using standing poses and the wall as a prop. With Iyengar Yoga classes you will be able to go deeper into poses, exploring alignment in detail. Discover lots of modifications and extra tips to use in your practice or teaching. Look out for the beginners Iyengar program by Adela coming soon.

A little bit about Iyengar Yoga - developed by the late and great B.K.S. Iyengar, this form of Hatha yoga has a greater emphasis on detail, precision and alignment, both in asana and pranayama practice. 



September Yoga Month

This September we challenge you to do yoga every day for 30 minutes. When and where is up to you! Join over 800 yogis (and counting) and practice online together for 30 days in our 30/30 Yoga Challenge

Follow the program via email and we will remind you when it's time to begin, and we'll send you links to your classes each day. 

For access to all our programs and classes become an EkhartYoga member - new members can sign up for just €1/$1 for the first month, after that it’s 12.50 a month - Join here




10 simple principles of spiritual awakening

One of our most popular articles so far this summer, 10 simple principles of spiritual awakening by Jeff Foster explores how "Spiritual awakening is not a special feeling, state, or experience. It is not a goal or destination, somewhere to reach in the future....Rather, is a constant and ancient invitation – throughout every moment of your life – to trust and embrace yourself exactly as you are..." Read More

You can also explore this further in his video series "Falling in love with where you are". Filmed exclusively for EkhartYoga members, Jeff invites you to consider the idea that you don't have to change, heal or perfect yourself and you don't have to become awakened... because you already are! 



Meet Esther Ekhart in person

Attend a retreat or workshop with Esther and get a chance to practice together with her in real life :)

She still has a few spaces in her weekend workshops in Frankfurt, Germany in September and for her Yoga Retreat in Turkey next June. You can find all of Esther's workshops listed at the bottom of her teacher page



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