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Hello everyone,

In my article, Tension vs Compression, I talk about how we are all unique, how we all have different bodies and bone structures and how this affects our yoga practice. The article explores how one pose can look very different in different bodies and why that is. It explains how we can get hurt striving for the expression of a picture perfect pose while ignoring our uniqueness.

This of course happens off the mat too. Think of how we all get caught up sometimes in trying to be someone we are not because we want to fit in or please someone. This also hurt us, because we apparently think that we are not good enough to be ourselves.

I would like to invite you to start enjoying who you are, with all your beautiful traits, your craziness, your insecurities and to see that all of it is the same life expressing through us in so many beautiful different ways. So please stop believing your mind that sometimes whispers you are not good enough, and begin to invite curiosity in finding out who you are, what you like, your unique taste, all the while enjoying adding your colour and expression to the world.

Like Jeru Kabbal says so beautifully "Existence is waiting for you to flower, waiting for you to dance your dance, waiting for you to sing your song"




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Tension versus compression in yoga

Have you ever wondered why, after years of dedicated yoga practice, you are still not able to realise that elusive pose?

Knowing the difference between the anatomical concepts of tension and compression and how they relate to yoga practice can and will completely change the way you practice your yoga.  Read Tension versus compression in yoga


You are all good meditation, with Esther Teule

In this free meditation class Esther invites you to connect with your inner goodness. Deep down you may often doubt yourself; are you good enough, worthy enough, lovable enough? Reminding yourself that you are already ok, right now, can bring a sense of surprising lightness and relaxation. 


EkhartYoga members can also practice a longer version of this meditation Trusting your goodness 


30/30 Yoga Challenge

Thanks to all of you taking part in the 30/30 Yoga Challenge. Here’s a little snapshot of some of your posts on Instagram #3030Yoga.
EkhartYoga members can follow the 30/30 Yoga Challenge via the program page.



Iyengar Yoga

We have now added Iyengar Yoga to our video library and Adela Serrano will be starting a brand new Iyengar for beginners program next week!

Read more about the Iyengar style of teaching.




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Workshops and retreats 

Practice with EkhartYoga teachers in person. For details of workshops, retreats and teacher training courses please visit the Workshops page

Discover Your Anatomy - with Nichi Green in London

11th October, London

This "Discover your Anatomy" body-rolling workshop will enable you to check in to your own pattern of tension and release it. Body Rolling teaches "touch and tell" anatomy and in this workshop you will learn the key sequences and understand how working in one area informs another. The body wants to correct itself, it has its own intelligence and wants to let go of unproductive patterns of movement and posture. More details and bookings


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