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Hello everyone,

Last weekend I taught a workshop in Germany which focused on how you can use yoga on the mat to work on relaxing your mind off the mat. We used the asanas to explore this. We observed our stress response the moment a pose became challenging, and then moved the mind in the opposite direction towards relaxation through breathing deeply and slowly, or through relaxing the facial muscles.

We can apply the same technique when a situation in our daily life proves to be challenging. For example, slowing down your breathing moves your focus away from the stress response and towards more relaxed thinking.

October’s new program “Stretch your comfort zone” is ideal for you to practice this concept yourself. Remember yoga works, not only because poses are relaxing, but because they are stressful.

Enjoy the practice, dear yogis…



What's new on EkhartYoga


New October Yoga Program - Stretch your comfort zone!

Strength and stamina are often words we associate with the physical body but it’s also important to recognise and challenge our mental and emotional boundaries in a safe and mindful way. For those of you who are looking to develop and challenge your strength and stamina both on and off the mat, we are launching a new program on October 5th which will help you do just that!

This new program will offer you challenging classes which may push you out of your comfort zone. Choose from 2 different levels to find the right class for you. We invite you to remain calm during such classes (or poses) to help you to ‘retrain’ your brain to work from a centred, grounded place. Find out more here.


New Beginner Yoga Program - Iyengar Yoga for Beginners

Perfect for beginners and intermediate yogis alike, Adela’s new Iyengar Yoga program will help you to intelligently awaken every part of your body. Iyengar Yoga's precise focus on alignment enable us to deepen into each pose in a safe and progressive way. The use of props means that these classes are especially beneficial for those who consider themselves ‘inflexible’ or those with postural issues. Learn more




From the blog

Vinyasa Flow transitions - how to navigate them safely 

In this wonderful article, Jennilee looks from an anatomical perspective at some of the more common Vinyasa Flow transitions and teaches us how to navigate them in a safe and harmonious way. Read more ...


Kosha Series - New classes by James Reeves

Kosha, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘sheath’ or ‘covering’, describes those elements of being which must be explored, welcomed, balanced and ultimately transcended in order to experience your true self. Explore the Koshas on and off the mat with James in his new series of Hatha Yoga classes. 

Find out more



Teacher Training

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level?

Hatha Flow Yoga Teacher Training 2016 with Esther Ekhart - 
Whether you are ready to become a yoga teacher or looking to dive deeper into your practice, you will learn more about Yoga, yourself, life and yoga philosophy in the beautiful setting of the Suryalila retreat centre in the South of Spain. Read more …



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