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Hello everyone,

Why is relaxation so important, what are the benefits? Do we even remember what it feels like? Is the state we call ‘relaxation’ these days really relaxation or is it more a moment of temporarily being less stressed…?

Maybe it’s helpful to recognise the signs that you are really relaxed - perhaps experiencing a stillness and ease of being. Thoughts are there but they are not so much in the foreground; from this perspective it’s much easier to observe them and you don't care so much about them.

Another thing that happens when you are really relaxed is that you enter into a state of heightened awareness. As a result, you are more sensitive to stimuli in your environment like sounds, smells, etc. When you sink into this expanded state of awareness, the boundaries between you and everything else begin to collapse and all is well in your world. You start to see the benevolence of things...


Esther x


What’s new on Ekhart Yoga?

We have so much to tell you about we don’t know where to start! So let’s take a deep breath to begin with …. :)



New November program - Deep Release

Our new Deep Release program begins on the 9th November. Release tension within the muscles, and fascia/connective tissues of the body and give your mind a much needed break. Be patient, trust and breathe...Let this program guide you towards deep surrender.

For three weeks you will practice three classes a week - Hatha (Yang postures) yoga, Yin yoga which will stretch and release tension within the muscles, and a Yoga Nidra class to enable you to integrate the opening of your body with a conscious surrendering of your mind.

Join the program!


New yoga program for men - The 5 Archetypes of Man 

Join David on October 22nd for this ten week series of yoga classes which integrates and explores some of Carl Jung's Archetypes of Man. Designed for men (but women are welcome too!) who are ready to take their yoga to new levels of integrity on and of the mat.

Through introspection, self-discipline and yoga, become aware of potent aspects of yourself you are ready to explore, discover, strengthen or let go of....learn more



Let us surprise you!
Shake up your practice or for when you're feeling indecisive with our new 'Surprise me' button. 'Surprise me' lets you pick the amount of time you have and a 'theme' for your class and we will show you three options. All you have to do is pick a class, roll out your mat and get going!

My Practice - a brand new page for EkhartYoga members
We recently announced ‘My Practice’ - a new home page with videos suggested just for you, links to your Favourites, Watched videos and a brand new feature, a 'Watch Later' button. This is for when you want to plan your practice in advance or if you come across a video when browsing that you'd like to practice later on. 
For those who are already using My Practice, we hope you’re enjoying it. For those who've yet to discover it, please read our blog
**Wait, there's more - hot off the press!**
As I write, we've just unveiled another new feature which will tell you when you’ve received a reply to one of your messages, comments or questions - be it from a teacher, the EkhartYoga team or even another EkhartYoga member. You’ll notice a little bell icon at the top right of the page; if it has an orange circle containing a number, this means you have unread replies waiting for you! Hover over the bell for more detail.

All classes and programs are available to EkhartYoga members. Join us today!


Other news



Over in the videos section, Nichi Green had the honour of crowning our 1500th class with her short but sweet Discover your core class. We also released 2 classes in Spanish - in honour of UN Spanish Language Day on October 12th. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, have a go, just for fun - Principios del Yoga: Tres posturas basicas with Adela and Saludos al Sol - Sun Salutations with Francesca.



We were delighted to formally introduce Jennilee Toner, a lovely new teacher to our EkhartYoga teaching team. Author, yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, anatomy expert, wonderful contributor to our blog (amongst other things!), this is a lady of many talents!

We challenge you not to smile at her infectious enthusiasm for yoga! Read more ...



One day Yoga Nidra workshop 

with James Reeves - Amsterdam, 21st November

In this one-day workshop, not only will we explore our general understanding of yoga nidra and its benefits but also look specifically at ‘iRest (‘integrative restoration) Yoga Nidra’ – a secular adaptation of the practice supported by a body of research proving its efficacy and used in a broad range of therapeutic settings the world over. Find out more ...


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