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Hello everyone,

It's holiday time, and many of you are away or will be on your way soon. I think that no matter how nice it is to anticipate the days of having to do nothing, once you’re there you can also feel a bit lost. So I would like to invite you to experience the freedom that routine and discipline can give you. Especially in those days of having to do nothing.

My experience is that if you have one moment in your day devoted to your yoga mat, no matter how short or long, you will be able to enjoy the rest of the day much more too. That moment on your mat will remind you to listen and accept your feelings and emotions, and to not get lost in any stories around them. It's a reminder to stay grounded with your breath and to keep some connection to the here and now, enjoying all the beauty and mystery of the present moment.

Now the good news is we can help make that happen, because with our new app (for members), there is the possibility for all of us to practice yoga really anywhere.. even without internet connection. See more below.

Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season!




What's new at EkhartYoga

30/30 Yoga Challenge - our new program for September

Practice 30 minutes of yoga for 30 days with us for the whole month of September. We will focus on core and balance work throughout the program so you’ll really notice yourself getting stronger and steadier during the month. We’ll build up the level of the classes as the month goes on - Join us for a challenge and some fun!

We start on September 1st - sign up to follow the program by email and we'll send you your classes every day!

For access to all our programs and classes become an EkhartYoga member - new members can sign up for just €1/$1 for the first month, after that it’s 12.50 a month - Join here



Free EkhartYoga app for iOS and now Android too

Our EkhartYoga app is now available for Android. 

EkhartYoga members can use the app to download any 10 classes for free to watch offline. Read more and get tips for finding your classes.

Tip - We are making improvements to the app all the time so keep an eye out for updates in the App Store and Google Play



New Ashtanga classes with Joey Miles

Last weekend we filmed a whole load of Ashtanga classes with our latest guest teacher Joey Miles. Joey has been teaching Ashtanga since 2004 in Triyoga, London and in Leeds. Joey is authorised to teach the full Intermediate Series and last year completed the 3rd series in Mysore under Sharat Jois’ guidance (grandson of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois). We look forward to some challenging classes and amazing teaching!

Here's Joey keeping out of trouble with Esther on the Amsterdam canals.



Music and Yoga

Does music help you get into your yoga flow, or is it just a distraction from your practice? We asked some of our teachers, here's what they said. Then we asked you over on Facebook!

What music do you love to practice to? Add your favorite tracks in the comments of the Facebook post so we can make a yoga playlist. Four of you will win a copy of David Lurey’s Savasana Serenades CD. If you're not on Facebook fear not, you can email us with your suggestions here


Ekhart Yoga music fans can practice this Music Flow vinyasa class, with soundtrack by David!



Workshops and retreats


Yin Yoga Teacher Training with José de Groot, Amsterdam

This Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training (50 hour, level 1) is based on the teachings of Paul Grilley. You can take this module on its own or combine it in a 200hr training with José.

14 & 19 September 2015: 10:00h - 17:30h
10 & 11 October 2015: 10:00h - 17:30h

 at De Nieuwe Yoga School in Amsterdam.  .…More details and registration


Surfing the Waves of Life, in Morocco

Join Irina Verwer for a yoga, lifestyle, nutrition and surf retreat in Morocco. Surrounded by the sounds of the ocean you get to wake up with a strong yet playful yoga practice in the morning led by Irina. Through the asanas, breathing exercises, intentions, mantras, meditation and mudras, you will gain insight in yourself and find more balance on and off the mat.

13th to 19th November -  Find out more


You can find details of all our teachers' workshops, retreats and teacher trainings over on the Workshops page.



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