Email Marketing Tip #1: Next Generation

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Email Marketing Tip #1:
Give It to Subscribers

Welcome to a new series of Email Marketing Tips!  In Email
Marketing Tip #29
(the 2009 version), we told you to get to know the CAN-SPAM Act
of 2003
.  Permission-based email marketing should be the foundation of
your program, so for the next few tips we're going to dig a little deeper into the
key requirements of this law.  
Email subject line: "You've won
a free iPod!"
Email content: "Well, you didn't really win a free iPod,
According to the CAN-SPAM Act, misleading subject lines are
illegal.  Yes, email marketers, the above example is against the law. 
While you don't have to summarize the entire email in your subject line, be sure
you don't lie or mislead subscribers. Be clever, be funny, be informative, just
don't be deceptive.  
Hopefully this is a no-brainer.  Besides
being illegal, deceptive subject lines don't help earn subscriber trust. 
Lying, cheating, and misleading them may lead to more deleted emails and (gasp!)
subscribers marking your messages as SPAM.
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See you next Wednesday with the
next email marketing tip from What Counts!  Want to talk with us about your
current email campaigns or have other questions?  Visit
or call 1-866-216-BLUE.

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