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Issue 7, 2013: 1st July

News & comment on sustainable development

Ending poverty, transforming economies

David Cameron, co-chair of a UN panel on post-2015 development, outlined its ambitious plan to end poverty and transform economies through sustainable development:

"We need a new global partnership, to finish the job on the current Millennium Development Goals, tackle the underlying causes of poverty, and champion sustainable development."

To help the UK become more resilient to climate change, the Government has published the first National Adaptation Plan, with supporting research on wider issues from economics to international threats and opportunities.

The Met Office's Climate Service UK will also support action on climate change, while IEMA guidance helps sustainability professionals making the business case for adaptation.

We also look at the final list of new SD indicators, the natural environment and round up other news.

Nick Saltmarsh, Editor - sd.scene@defra.gsi.gov.uk

International development »

Eradicating poverty and transforming economies through sustainable development »

The UN High Level Panel on the Post 2015 Development Agenda has presented an ambitious plan to end poverty through sustainable development.

Nutrition for Growth: Beating Hunger through Business and Science »

An international summit brought together business leaders, scientists, governments and civil society to commit to prevent undernutrition and enable people to prosper.

» From the archive: Olympic hunger summit seeks legacy for children around the world

Adapting to climate change »

The National Adaptation Programme: getting ready for climate change »

The first National Adaptation Programme addresses the risks set out in the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment to build resilience to climate change impacts.

» From the archive: UK Climate Change Risk Assessment

National Adaptation Programme research round-up »

Research commissioned by Defra to inform development of the National Adaptation Programme, looking at wider issues from economics to threats and opportunities.

» The macroeconomics of climate change: modelling impacts and the role of adaptation

Acting on the risks and opportunities of climate change »

Climate Service UK draws on science to offer decision makers in governments and business advice and tools to take decisions on the implications of global warming.

Making the business case for adapting to climate change »

Guidance from the IEMA and Environment Agency will help environment and sustainability professionals develop a business case to address climate risks.

Indicators and measures »

Final list of new sustainable development indicators follows consultation »

The Government has responded to issues raised in the public consultation and recommendations from the EAC inquiry into Measuring Sustainable Development and Wellbeing.

National well-being wheel of measures »

As part of its work to develop new measures of national well-being, the Office for National Statistics has published a new wheel of measures.

» From the archive: An index for a better life »

Natural environment »

Local Nature Partnerships: improving the benefits and services from a healthy natural environment »

Defra's Local Nature Partnerships team reviews their progress and the benefits they can help bring for the natural environment and local communities.

» From the archive: First Nature Improvement Areas announced

Love Your National Parks »

Led by National Parks England with support from Defra, Love Your National Parks is a celebration of National Parks and the health, wealth and happiness they bring.

UK Government »

News round-up: EU emissions, food security, Green Deal, river catchments, bus emissions »

Call for ambitious EU emissions target, global food security, Green Deal encourages energy saving, catchment approach to river health, reducing bus emissions.

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