Esther's thoughts and back to basics 😀

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Esther's thoughts and "Back to Basics"

Hello you,

Summer is in full swing here in Europe and the sun makes everything easier, lighter. But what about those situations that aren’t easy or light? When we experience emotions we don’t want to deal with, are “unyogic” so to say? What do we do then?
Yoga teaches us that there is no separation, just oneness. This means that we shouldn’t ignore any feelings, emotions, but rather we should build a relationship with them, provide the space for them, allow them to be there and listen to them...
It can help to see these emotions as parts of our childhood consciousness that haven’t been seen and heard. All they need now is to be there and to hang out for as long as they need to hang out. You just need to be the guesthouse for these separate parts so that they can eventually merge back into wholeness.
This is the practice of yoga off the mat! And when the sun is shining, you can use that lightness to help you sit lovingly with the darker parts of you.


Esther Ekhart

Coming back to the basics in yoga...

This month we encourage you to explore the subtleties within the more 'basic' yoga poses..... How is your foundation and alignment in the pose? How is your breath? Where is your focus and mind in the pose? 

Build strong foundations with this free video

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Is your yoga practice a little rusty or do you know someone who'd like to try yoga? Watch or share this video where Esther teaches the foundation poses of yoga and some great alignment tips.

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A beginner's story...

In a bid to share our passion for yoga, we challenged beginner yogi, Neil, to practice yoga for 30 days in a row using one of our Beginner Yoga programs and write about his experiences in a weekly journal. 

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We just added two NEW 'back to basics' yoga programs! 

Tap into your inner strength...

Learn how to access your inner and outer strength by targeting and integrating different areas of the body in this intelligently designed series of 6 classes. Coming from the 'back to basics' angle this program is suitable for all levels - even a beginner! Building Essential Strength - with Adela Serrano.

Join us and join in!

Explore your flexibility.....

This program of five classes move you through different parts of the body to find out which areas have less mobility. From there, you can learn how to improve the flexibility in these areas - adapting poses to suit you! A program suitable for everyone.. not just beginners! 

JJoin us and follow this program
From the blog

In case you needed reminding why practicing yoga is so beneficial, Esther gives her top reasons why everyone should have yoga in their life. Read more

How often should you practice yoga? For how long? What's the best time to practice? These, and many other questions answered..! Read more

Workshops and trainings...

Teacher training with Esther Ekhart - November 2015

Are you ready to become a yoga teacher? Or would you like to dive deeper into your practice and get to know yourself in the process? Join Esther Ekhart for this three-week residential intensive from 5th to 26th November 2016 in Spain in the beautiful Suryalila Retreat centre.

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