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The web is changing,.

CSS Grid is rapidly becoming the standard for websites as it obliterates boring page designs. With this method, you can give page content area names and instruct items to go exactly where you want on the canvas! Limitless layout possibilities at your fingertips!

Keep up with this web evolution using the newly-released Site Designer V3!


Save big bucks on educational courses...

There are lots of courses online that will try to convince you that you'd need to spend sky-high fees to ace this skill. But that's simply not true. Using Site Designer V3, the Grid controls are visual, making them easier to understand and implement into any site.

We also have a wealth of tutorials to help you put Grid into action. Start learning the app basics with Suzanne's step-by-step guide, or join Bob as he breaks down the core principals of CSS Grid in his multi-series of instructional videos. No extra fees required!

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CSS Grid providing more control and being less complex allows for more creativity. The web will be a more interesting place because of it.
– Bob Visser at WordCamp US


Groundbreaking. Cutting Edge. Intuitive.

In short, customers tell us that Site Designer V3 is simply amazing. And not only because of it's awesome grid controls. It has tons of new abilities that you'll want to have:

✓ Drag-n-drop images from your computer right onto the canvas.
✓ Integration with the trending Materialize CSS framework.
✓ A reimagined UI that is more concise, clear, and conversational.
✓ A smarter workflow, using memorized scroll positions and pane selections.
✓ A reinvented Inspector with smooth drag-n-drop plus Classes and IDs listed in the tree.
✓ Use Feature Queries for delivering custom designs to specific browsers.
✓ Updated the Frameworks to the latest versions, including Bootstrap 4.1.
✓ Previous project imports! Bootstrap Builder, Foundation Framer, Layout Maker, etc...

Get your copy today and enjoy all of the features above and soo much more. If you order this weekend, you'll get a massive $100 off. But this is a very limited time offer so we suggest you don't wait to step into the future of web design. 

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— The CoffeeCup Team


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