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FREE 'Character Development & Licensing ' class tomorrow from All Art Licensing


If you or someone you know has an idea for a new character that would be ideal for television, books, apps, games, toys or comics, then this free class is a must! J'net Smith of All Art Marketing, and Official Art + Design Blogger of the Licensing Expo, is offering a free class to answer your questions and show you how to develop characters that sell across media platforms. 

Join us for this free, live Character Licensing Q&A, tomorrow - Thursday, February 5, 2015, Noon - 1 pm PST/3 - 4 pm EST, where J'net will share the answers to these and many more character related questions posed by the listeners of the class:  
Can launching a website, instead of a book or another marketing vehicle, can help you sell your new character?If my website had an online store, how much of my merchandise would I have to sell for the character to become attractive to manufacturers?Should I get an agent for character licensing?Please discuss the difference between developing characters (i.e. children's books) vs. creating artwork (for product use). Which do you think more viable in today's marketplace? If you have an entertainment property - animated characters that are fully developed, a TV series bible and all of the style guide art - is it best to be in the art section of the Licensing Expo or out on the floor?I have what I think is a great idea and well developed, how do you suggest I build an audience for my concept? Will character licensing agents help out in that process or do they only work with already published or syndicated artists?Does the Licensing Expo expose your characters to the decision makers in the industry looking for properties and provide a return of your investment or does it take a few years to establish yourself and lots of money?Everyone is encouraged to register as soon as possible, to get their questions answered tomorrow. By clicking on the link below, participants can both sign up and write in their questions at the bottom of the form. J'net will answer as many questions as possible during the hour.
Register here for Character Licensing Q&A. You may also enjoy reading J'net's latest blog: 5 Mistakes That Character Creators Often Make.           206.719.1905 


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