From green food to sustainable consumption; consulting on biodiversity offsetting; Manchester City Deal; Nature Improvement Areas

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Issue 10, 2013: 7th October

News & comment on sustainable development

Sustainable consumption, ecosystem markets

Following Defra's Green Food Project the Sustainable Consumption Report describes further work on sustainable diets, eating behaviour and consumption. Research by the Sustainable Restaurant Association finds growing public concern about sustainable catering practices.

The government has welcomed the Ecosystem Markets Task Force final report and is consulting on proposals for biodiversity offsetting, one of the recommendations. An evaluation of Nature Improvement Areas finds progress for wildlife, people and communities.

A City Deal growth agreement for Manchester has been signed, covering environmental and low carbon priorities to support local growth. One year on from London 2012 the Metropolitan Police Force is applying their experience to ensure sustainable policing at events.

Nick Saltmarsh, Editor -

Sustainable food »

From green food to sustainable consumption »

The Sustainable Consumption Report describes work on the principles of a healthy and sustainable diet, consumer behaviour, and sustainable consumption and growth.

» From the archive: Producing food and improving the environment: Green Food Project conclusions

Discerning diners »

New research finds diners are prepared to pay more for sustainable meals and care more about the nutritional value of meals and sustainable practices in restaurants.

Ecosystem markets »

Boosting the economy and improving the environment: Government response to Ecosystem Markets Task Force final report »

The Government has welcomed the Ecosystem Markets Task Force's report and agrees on the essential relationship between the economy and environment.

» From the archive: Realising nature’s value: Ecosystem Markets Task Force final report

Consulting on biodiversity offsetting »

The government invites views on biodiversity offsetting to provide benefits for economy and nature, a recommendation of the Ecosystem Markets Task Force.

UK Government »

Nature Improvement Areas creating better places for wildlife and people »

Nature Improvement Areas finds are making real progress in delivering their objectives of creating better places for wildlife and people, and more united local communities.

» From the archive: First Nature Improvement Areas announced

Climate change round-up: responses to IPCC report, new Special Representative, water impacts, emissions »

Climate change news from government and public bodies: responses to IPCC report; Special Representative for Climate Change; water impacts; non-CO2 emissions.

News round-up: co-operating with China, offshore turbines, green homes, bag charge, biomass criteria »

News from government: low carbon co-operation with China; offshore wind technology; Green Open Homes Network; plastic bag charge; biomass sustainability.

National and local news »

Environmental and low carbon priorities to support local growth in Manchester »

Defra minister Lord de Mauley and Manchester councils have signed a City Deal growth agreement, covering environmental and low carbon priorities which support local growth.

» >From the archive: Green cities: using city deals to drive low carbon growth

The London 2012 legacy: sustainable policing of events »

How the Metropolitan Police Service worked to achieve sustainable policing at London 2012 and is applying the experience to future major events.

Business news »

DIY sector beats waste targets »

Businesses signed up to the Home Improvement Sector Commitment have achieved an 83% reduction in waste sent to landfill and a 25% reduction in packaging.

» From the archive: Hospitality and Food Service Agreement to reduce waste

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