Get Betty Crocker's 1950s Cookbook of Memories! (Not Available in Stores!)

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Dear Friend,
The recipes you grew up with are back — and taste even better than you remember. If there was ever a cookbook that taught America how to cook, it's the 1950 edition of Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book.
It's the cookbook that made Betty Crocker a household name. So many copies were sold that chances are your mother or grandmother had a copy and many of your favorite dishes were from this very book.
Maybe you remember the rich goodness of Chicken Cream Pie ... or the melt-in-your-mouth pleasure of Noodles with Browned Crumbs ... or the way the tempting aroma of Macaroni and Fried Tomatoes filled the kitchen and made your mouth water.
Apple Dumplings
Every luscious bite is sweet
with memories!
Savory Meat Pie
Every morsel of this creamy casserole
is packed with flavor!
Maybe the first cake you ever baked with your mom was Betty's unforgettable Chocolate Joy Cake.
Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book is the best place to find those long-lost recipes you grew up with — the dishes you really loved and would like to enjoy again. There are over 1,200 mouthwatering recipes!
It's the kind of cookbook that mothers hand down to their daughters, the kind of cookbook that people look for and snatch up at yard sales, no matter how dog-eared and worn the pages.
Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book is also packed with useful tips and heartwarming 1950s-style wit and wisdom you just won't find in today's cookbooks.
Where can you go to find out how to make an authentic, old-fashioned English pudding — and serve it in flames? Page 229, that's where!
Or how to melt chocolate without burning it? Page 23 has the secret!
Get the dos and don'ts of making biscuits from scratch. See page 66 for can't-miss tips!
Learn all you have to do to make delicious, creamy icing in a minute ... plus how to make it easy to spread. Page 183 shows you how!
Fried Chicken — Maryland Style
It's sizzling and scrumptious!
Maybe you're starting to understand why Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book is such a sought-after find.
Well, good news! You don't have to look for Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book at yard sales anymore! You can hold a brand-new copy in your hands in which every word, every recipe, every photo and illustration is exactly as it appeared in the 1950 bestseller.
Taste-test more than 1,200 classic recipes — PLUS get a FREE GIFT!
Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book is such a rich treasure chest of recipes, tips, and heartwarming memories, it's impossible to show everything in it — and when you see for yourself, you'll understand why.
If you're impressed with the recipes and tips we've told you about — and want to taste over 1,200 recipes — a very special invitation awaits you.
See for yourself when you order today and get FREE SHIPPING!
LEARN MORE NOW and be prepared to take a taste trip down memory lane. But don't forget to stop and sample the goodies. We know you'll find them every bit as wonderful as you remember them.
FREE GIFT for you!
As a special thank you for ordering Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book, you'll also get over 150 of Betty Crocker's classic cookie recipes FREE! This special FREE GIFT is yours to keep with our compliments!
Get your free gift when you order your copy of Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book.
Kelly Jennings
Comfort Cookbooks
Make your kitchen complete
... with the cookbook that's guided three generations of home cooks!

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